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If you are a new Linux user, you undoubtedly have an endless amount of questions. If you are new to computers, with a pen in your hand, trying to write click on the desktop, there may still be hope even for you. We collect a growing database of Linux related help documents, how-to’s and simplified, easy to understand user manuals.

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Users can contact us directly via the comments section, or through many online social media websites. We are always available to help. Bookmark us today and use this site as your personal Linux tutor. Users can also follow us on Facebook, Google+, Twitter, or RSS. We need your support Feedback from our users is priority #1, everything this site has become today is due to the useful recommendations and advice of users like you.

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Linux was created by Linus Torvalds and is maintained by open-source experts and other volunteers from around the world. All trademarks seen on this site are property of their respective owners. All of the instructions and commands listed on this website are for information purposes only. Attempt any commands at your own risk.
  • hippo

    You should write a post on gtkdialog, I find it very useful to make simple GUI programs.

    • thinkinhurtz

      I will definitely take your advice, this looks like an excellent utility. I can’t imagine how much time something like this could save with application and GUI development. But I can guess that this would ease the learning curve for everyone. A sufficient instruction manual could take some time, but I look forward to testing this utility. As always thank you very much for bringing this to my attention! I look forward to more great advice, keep it coming everyone.

  • thinkinhurtz

    Another excellent utility that I was unaware of. Thanks again for the useful information. A simple user guide has been posted. If you are interested I am happy to let you add anything I missed or correct anything that is flawed. Just inform me and I will adjust your permissions.
    Keep up the great advice.

  • Phil Hill

    Have really enjoyed having a browse over the site.  You have pulled together a really nice site indeed.  Not sure just how many users are into Genealogy but I am one of them and I for one would love to find some articles on programs such as Gramps.  It is one that from what I can tell, hardly anyone has heard of yet it is an excellent piece of software.  The depth of reporting alone is something that many other similar programs would absolutely love to have.  I have found that there are not a huge amount of Linux based Genealogy programs but even when there is something the old problem of little documentation is often an issue.  Something like Geneweb is another handy bit of software but it is a bit of a jigsaw working out how to fire it up unless you are willing to dig about with your favourite search engine.

    Keep up the great work – love this site

    • thinkinhurtz

       Hey Phil, I just wanted to say thank you for all of the wonderful comments. I am happy to see that people are appreciating the vast efforts that have gone into the website. It was nice to start the day by seeing your enthusiasm for the website. I also wanted to let you know that I would be happy to investigate some decent genealogy software. An article on this topic will be posted soon.
      Thanks again for visiting!

  • Josh Haggerdy

    A very ugly and average copy-site.
    Please, never share any of my tutorials on your site again. I do not even have to mention the ones I wrote because I’m sure 99.999999% of every piece of content is stolen.


    • thinkinhurtz

      If you would care to elaborate I would be happy to comply.

      • thinkinhurtz

        The email address linked above has been changed, please send your removal requests if they are legitimate.