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Alternative Gnome Shell Theme Examples

If you are looking for a new theme for the Gnome Shell, I have put together some of my favorite examples for everyone to enjoy.

Surely users must be ready for a change from the default Gnome Shell theme by now. I have sampled some of the available Gnome Shell themes on Fedora 20 and now you can see them for yourself. A new shell theme will not change your entire desktop, but it will provide a new look for the activities overview window, and the Gnome indicator applet panel.

Fedora 20 Default Gnome 13.10 Desktop Screenshot

Change Your Gnome Shell Theme Today

There are lots of alternative Gnome Shell themes available online. There are often several themes available as packages for various distributions. These themes can be installed from the command line or using your favorite package manager. Here are some of the themes that are packaged for Fedora 20.

How Do You Change Gnome Shell Themes?

We have put together a detailed guide for installing and changing themes with the Gnome Shell and Fedora 20. This guide will teach you how to install a small handful of themes and get them working for yourself.

Change Gnome Shell Themes on Fedora 20

Some Decent Themes to Try

Below you can see some of these high quality Gnome Shell theme alternatives, enjoy the show.

Selene Gnome Shell Theme

Here is the Selene theme which is one of the first to catch my eye. I am not entirely sure about the color scheme, but I do like the connected launcher bar and search bar. Unfortunately the gray background overlay is just wrong in my opinion.

Gnome Shell Theme Screenshot

Smooth-Inset Gnome Shell Theme

This one is the Smooth-Inset theme which is a particularly good choice. Background colors remain the same, but the launcher and indicator panels get a new look.

Gnome Shell Theme Screenshot

Gaia Gnome Shell Theme

Next we have the Gaia theme which also grabbed my attention, mostly because I enjoy the colors. I really think some of these themes could by spiced up more by adding an alternative icon or window theme.

Gnome Shell Theme Screenshot

Zukitwo Gnome Shell Theme

This one is a personal favorite of mine. The Zukitwo theme uses a very dark color theme with some partial transparency. Desktop background colors do not change when switching from the activities window which I find makes things far more comfortable.

Gnome Shell Theme Screenshot

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