How to Start Using Linux OS: Brief Guide for Beginners

Do you know what Linux is?

If you have come across this article, you have probably already heard about Linux somewhere on the Internet or from your colleagues and friends who use it by themselves. But knowing about Linux and understanding of how it works are two different things. Due to the fact that most people in 2017 use Windows or Mac OS, Linux is something we have only theoretical knowledge about. That’s why we know nothing about the principles of this OS, its benefits, advantages, and disadvantage in practice.

Today, we’re going to talk about what Linux is actually represented with and how to start using it if you would like so.

Let’s get started.

Introduction to Linux OS

Linux, contrary to all-time favourite Windows systems, has an open-source kernel, which is the central part of the OS that links a hardware and the applications. At the same time, the Linux system is focused mainly on security and stability of work rather than on the ease of use.

One special feature about Linux is that it is a lightweight system, which makes it extremely fast in terms of everyday usage. It guarantees fast computing experience on the low-end machines.

But it is not always a great idea to replace your Windows with Linux at home. Why? It is not an easy operating system. Linux is definitely not a synonym for the user-friendly interface. In some cases, you need to have the certain technical knowledge to handle some issues with it. So, it is quite a complicated system.

For example, in the enterprise world, where you have to deal with thousands of computers and their security programs, Windows is definitely better than Linux. As it has a better central security model. The same thing is with Mac systems, which are pretty stable at work.

The main problem with this OS system is that there are special pieces of software that are built only for Windows or Mac. So, you won’t be able to use them on Linux in any way.

How to Run Linux?

  •     Today, there is no problem with installing this OS on your computer, Just go the Internet and download any version of Ubuntu Desktop. Usually, the websites provide full instructions on which version to choose for your PC specifically.
  •     Don’t install Linux on the hard drive directly. It is a mistake many beginners make. Instead, download software that allows creating virtualize machines. Download Windows hosts.
  •     Run a virtualbox and install it on your PC. Name it Ubuntu, choosing Linux type. Choose VirtualBox Image and dynamically allocated hard disk file. That’s all.

So, there is no clear answer to the question whether Linux is better or worse than Windows and Mac OS. It has its own advantages, disadvantages, and, of course, the audience. What OS to choose mainly depends on the environment you have and the things you want to do on your computer.

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