Must Have Programs for Linux Users

A lot of people think that there are no so-called useful or must have applications for Linux, as there are quite a few users who actually use this operating system. NO! Believe it or not, but, nowadays, the number of average Linux users is quite high. Thus, there are multiple applications and programs for this OS on the market too. But not all of them are obligatory to have.

Today, we’re going to talk about top useful and must have apps every Linux user should have. So, let’s get started.

Our List of the Essential Linux Apps

Here is the list of 7 Linux programs, which are suitable for both advanced and beginner users.

  1. Firefox Browser. Why this one? Firefox Browser has very distinctive features like the ability to download YouTube videos in MP4 format directly in the browser window, Adblock function, sync preferences, etc.
  2. Virtual machine. Having a virtual machine of Windows OS is a useful tool in case you need to open some specific documents for school or university. This helps to be sure that all the files are exactly the way they should be formatted in.
  3. uGet. If you want to manage your downloads as a professional, install a uGet. It provides advanced settings for managing your download history without bugs or lags. Fast, simple, easy.
  4. WMail. The program adds nice features to the traditional files, notifying you when you get new emails in the background. And it can support multiple accounts at once and smoothly work offline.
  5. GIMP 2.9. It is not a new program, but a new version. It has a lot of new features and updates all users have been looking for in 2.8 version. It is definitely a huge improvement from the developers. No matter whether you are a professional or amateur, this image editor will blow you away. You get high-quality picture manipulation and elements of graphic design in one place.
  6. Pidgin – an innovative instant messenger platform, which works with different social media websites like Facebook and Google Talk. One application for multiple services.
  7. Gedit. Text editor applications are very important for Linux systems as a lot of the configuration files are stored in plain text format. Fortunately, the market provides a good choice for text editing programs for Linux. One of the best ones is Gedit. It allows users to replace different portions of text, add and close tabs, edit files as administrator, divide or group similar tabs, etc. As the alternatives for Gedit, you can choose Nano or Pluma text editing programs.

So, which program are you going to install on your Linux OS first? Maybe you know a different application, which is not less useful than those mentioned above?

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