What’s New for Ubuntu MATE 17.10 Artful Aardvark?

Ubuntu MATE 17.10 Artful Aardvark update was developed for six months and now upon its release developers state that it is the best update ever designed for Ubuntu.

Ubuntu Mate is an operating system which is based on Ubuntu and uses Mate environment by default. Mate is a Gnome 2 fork with new functions and enhancements.

New Features

There are many new features for the new Ubuntu Mate – the OS was redesigned and got new technical capabilities. Hence, the list should be started with new interfaces available:

  • Mutiny – the clone of Unity 7
  • Cupertino – the clone of MacOS
  • Redmond – the clone of Windows
  • Pantheon – modern version of classical Linux interface
  • Modern – one more version of Linux interface
  • Netbook – interface for desktop device with the display less than 14 Inch
  • Traditional – a bit updated Gnome 2 GUI

Main Menu

The main menu was redesigned to support the Modern, Cupertino, Mutiny interfaces that can be activated with MATE Tweak. Now the main menu completely supports GTK and Qt for LibreOffice, Firefox/Thunderbird, Google Chrome, Electron and others.

Super Key

New Mate supports Super Key now. The developer Victor Cara who joined the developers’ team recently considerably improved this function, and now it works properly for the MATE Menu, Brisk Menu and Mockett Dock Applet settings.

The applet of MATE Dock which is used in Mutiny interface also includes use of Super +1 and Super +2  buttons which are so familiar to Unity 7 users.


Heads-Up Display is a control panel for applications which were created to replace the main menu and to facilitate system control with keypad only.

Just like main menu, HUD is available only for the Modern, Cupertino and Mutiny interfaces now.

In this version of Mate HUD was considerably improved, and now it can be activated by pressing Alt button just like in Unity 7.


Support of indicators is being continuously improved for all versions of Ubuntu. However, in Ubuntu MATE 17.10 many panel layouts contain a complete line of indicators

MATE Tweak

MATE Tweak is a tool for activation of different interfaces. It can also be used to study various methods of Ubuntu MATE launch. MATE Tweak received fresh colors and gained couple of very demanded functions.


In the new Ubuntu Mate 17.10, it was decided to use the LightDM entry manager due to its pleasant appearance.

Caja File Manager

The Caja  file manager was improved in this version, and some new functions were added:

  • Group renaming of files
  • Check of a hash.
  • caja-gksu is replaced with caja-admin

Also folders were recolored. Now folder icons support user emblems.


All in all, now you can save the interfaces after editing, and complete delete of earlier saved user panel layouts.

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