Choosing Components for Cryptocurrency PC Miner on Ubuntu OS

If you want to become a cryptocurrency miner you are going to need a computer or a farm to get started. Of course, it would be better to build a farm, but if you do not want to invest much in mining one computer is enough. Below you will read how to build a computer on Ubuntu Linux for mining. You can also use loans affiliate programs for additional earnings to mining

How to Mine on Ubuntu

First of all you need to download the miner client for your OS from the website of mining pool or from your Linux version app store. Bitcoin and Ethereum already have many clients developed for mining on Linux (you can download and install those using either GUI or terminal).

Make sure the client you have chosen fits your OS distributive precisely before you download it.

Building a PC Set for Mining

The mining capabilities of your computer generally depend on your GPU card – the more powerful it is – the quicker mining is conducted, so you need to purchase the best GPU and then buy CPU, motherboard that fit it.

Actually, good mining computer is rather serious investment so you may need to take a personal loan if you do not have on your account at least $1’000. These funds won’t be wasted for nothing as for now due to the fast growth of cryptocurrency value the common ROI makes 12-14 months.

There are many combinations available – let’s consider the most optimal ones:

  • The video card — Visiontek AMD RX 480. Card lines RX 470, 480 and 580 have the best price/quality ratio among GPU  cards for cryptocurrency mining. GTX 1070 also can become a good choice, however, it is one of the most expensive models. Visiontek Radeon RX 480 has 8GB of GDDR5 of memory and costs less than $300. Sapphire and MSI GPUs would be a good purchase, too. To conclude, if you want to make the best choice (the most powerful card) you should purchase NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1070 card (however, there is a deficit for this card, so it would be hard to buy it).
  • The motherboard — Biostar TB250-BTC. Actually there is no difference – you can buy any motherboard that supports video card you have chosen. However, this motherboard would be the best choice as Biostar TB250-BTC has one slot of PCIe x16 and five slots of PCIe x1 3.0 which are perfectly fit for integration of several powerful GPU cards. The only limitation – there is a LAG 1151 socket implemented so motherboard only supports Intel CPUs.
  • CPU — Intel Pentium G4400 SkyLake LGA 1151. You do not need very powerful CPU therefore you can take rather inexpensive Intel G4400. This is the optimum choice as such a processor has a full support both for motherboard and GPU, it is powerful enough to let GPU operate on the full stake and it is the cheapest option as well.


All other components do not really affect the efficiency of mining so you only need to concentrate on three internals – CPU, GPU, and motherboard. Make sure you have installed the last version of Linux Ubuntu with all updates to make sure the mining software is supported.

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