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Awesome Window Manager Default Themes

Awesome Window Manager offers three simple themes for users that need a change. Thankfully users can change their theme simply by editing a single configuration file. After taking a brief look at the configuration files you will notice that it is not very difficult to create your own theme if you choose.

Awesome Window Manager Default Theme Details

These themes do not provide any critical changes, just a new splash of color. New themes offer a new look for the extremely convenient top panel, and the menu that appears when clicking on the desktop background.

Awesome Window Manager Default Theme Screenshot

Awesome Window Manager Introduction

New Icons and Wallpapers with Each Awesome Theme

Themes may even contain different icons, or you can create your own. Each theme will also contain its own unique desktop wallpaper. You can always choose a new wallpaper if you are not satisfied with the one provided.

Where Can You Find More Awesome WM Themes?

If you are looking for some more themes for the Awesome WM, this is where you can find them. Awesome WM uses the Beautiful LUA library to provide theme functionality for the desktop.

Awesome WM Beautiful Theme Library

Download Themes

Awesome WM Default Theme Examples

Here you can see the default themes and their clearly Awesome wallpapers. We have even provided screenshots for each theme so you can get a clear perspective of each environment.

Default Theme

This is the default theme for the Awesome Window Manager. This is a very dark theme, with a dark background included.

Awesome Window Manager Theme Screenshot

Sky Theme

The Sky theme for the Awesome Window Manager is certainly my favorite. I love the light blue colors, even the wallpaper matches extremely well.

Awesome Window Manager Theme Screenshot

Zenburn Theme

The Zenburn theme resembles the default theme slightly. This is another dark theme with a plain desktop background.

Awesome Window Manager Theme Screenshot

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