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Awesome Window Manager Introduction

No self respecting Linux power user should dare to overlook the value of the appropriately named Awesome window manager, and we have all the exciting details.

Awesome WM offers optimal performance while remaining highly functional. This is actually a dynamic framework window manager that can be extended to fit your needs. Different components can be added as needed to give your desktop even more amazing features. This arsenal of tips will help you setup and use this window manager like one of the masters.

Awesome Window Manager Default Theme Screenshot

Here is the default theme for the Awesome Window Manager.

Awesome Window Manager Details

Awesome is a window manager for X that is designed to promote maximum efficiency and minimum distraction.

This is not a window manager for the feint of heart, some manual customization will certainly be required. With that said, do not be discouraged, this window manager is certainly worth the effort.

Who Should Use Awesome WM?

This window manager will run on many Linux distributions even with minimal system resources, making it a fantastic choice for older hardware. Users will experience almost instantaneous desktop startup times with this window manager. After finishing with your login manager Awesome WM should load almost instantly. The Awesome window manager is commonly loved by developers and programmers for many reasons.

What Features Are Provided?

The Awesome WM includes all of the features found in other window managers with the exception of a graphical utility for configuration. This includes a panel, menus, notifications, widgets, and virtual workspaces.

How Do You Install the Awesome WM?

Most Linux distributions already have this window manager in the main software repositories. This means that you can usually install Awesome WM using your favorite package manager.

Awesome Window Manager Installation Tutorial

Awesome Window Manager LUA Extensions

Awesome WM uses several different components with the core window manager being just a base to extend upon. Additional extensions can be enabled as needed to provide even more functionality for the desktop. Unlike many other window managers, Awesome WM is actually considered a framework window manager.

Users are able to take advantage of a wide range of libraries and extensions that are able to provide additional desktop functionality. Different desktop elements can be toggled on or off usually by editing a single line in the main configuration file.

Check Out the Awesome WM Extensions

Much of the functionality for the desk is provided by LUA extension. Awesome WM uses a variety of helpful LUA extensions, with only a few being enabled by default. The default extensions provide the fantastic Awful WiBox or status-bar located at the top of the screen. Another important extension is the Beautiful LUA library which provides theme functionality for the desktop. The Naughty LUA library is also used to display desktop notifications in stylish pop-up windows.

Awesome Window Manager LUA Extensions

Want To Check Out Some Awesome Themes?

This window manager comes with a few default themes that users can switch between at any time. These themes will give your desktop new a new wallpaper and new colors.

Awesome Window Manager Default Themes

Do you know of an even better window manager we should all try, or do you know any tricks for this one? Then we want to hear from you!

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