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GLX Cairo Dock Introduction

After only one day using GLX Cairo Dock I was totally amazed by the jaw dropping effects that this panel has to offer. I am sure anyone looking for a change will certainly never consider looking back. The GLX Cairo dock is one of the most powerful docks or panels available for the Linux desktop today, and here are some of the reasons why.

Cairo Dock Screenshot

GLX Cairo Dock General Details

First I will answer some of the basic questions that users might have about the GLX Cairo dock.

Whats So Good About Cairo Dock?

The GLX Cairo dock packs an impressive list of features that you need to see to believe. This dock is extremely flexible and provides convenient customization options for users to take advantage of.

Should You Be Using Cairo Dock?

The GLX Cairo dock does require 3D hardware acceleration or graphical compositing for some of the greatest features. This dock is certainly heavy compared with some of the alternatives, but rumor has it that the speed has improved significantly recently. With that said, this dock might be a better choice for users with hardware that can handle all that it has to offer.

GLX Cairo Dock Installation Help

Installing Cairo dock is no trouble at all, and there are many ways to do so. If you are using one of the more popular versions of Linux you should be able to find Cairo Dock in the repositories using the suggested package manager for your distribution.

Ubuntu Installation

Try Cairo Dock and see if your current dock even is even comparable. Here are a few commands to help people that want to install Cairo dock from the command line on Ubuntu systems.

$ sudo apt-get install cairo-dock

Install Cairo Dock

Tips for Launching Cairo Dock

After installing Cairo Dock the launcher can usually be found in your applications menu, usually inside the accessories section. Additionally there are also a few ways of launching Cairo Dock from the command line, or having Cairo Dock run automatically when you login to your desktop environment. Simply follow the commands below to run Cairo Dock from the command line with the options you find necessary.

Using Desktop Compositing

Note: If you experience problems when launching Cairo Dock simply ensure that your effects and compositing are enabled for your window manager. You can choose to start Cairo Dock with or without OpenGL if you happen to experience video card problems.

Launch With No Backend

This will launch Cairo Dock without using a back-end.

$ cairo-dock

Launch With Cairo Backend

Use this to launch Cairo Dock using the Cairo back-end.

$ cairo-dock -c

Launch With OpenGL Backend

Use the command below to launch Cairo Dock using OpenGL back-end.

$ cairo-dock -o

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