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Change Gnome Shell Themes on Fedora 20

The Gnome Shell offers a vast assortment of themes that will give your activities window and indicator panel a new look.

If you have seen too much of the default Gnome Shell theme, it might be time for a change. There are a hand-full of themes that are very easy to install in Fedora 20 with only a few short commands. Here you can see how to install some additional themes and how to get them working inside the Gnome Shell.

Gnome Shell Theme Screenshot

Finding Gnome Shell Themes for Fedora 20

The Gnome Shell has a decent variety of themes created by community members. Users can download themes from different websites, or install them manually.

Gnome Shell Themes Packaged for Fedora

A small handful of themes are available as packages in Fedora 20. These are generally tested and high quality themes that can be installed from the command line, or with your favorite package manager. Don’t worry, we will show you how to install them for yourself.

Alternative Gnome Shell Theme Examples

Download Additional Themes Online

Other themes can be found from various online resources. The most popular source for any Gnome eye-candy is of course Gnome-Look.

Find Gnome Shell Themes at

Installing Gnome Shell Themes on Fedora 20

One way to install themes is to download them and move them to the appropriate folder manually. If you want to install the themes packages for Fedora 20 you can simply follow the steps seen below.

First Login as Root

The first thing to do is log in as the administrative system user. You will then have permission to install the required packages.

$ su -

Begin Installing Desired Shell Themes

Next you can start installing the themes that you want to try. The command below will install all themes in one go.

# yum install gnome-shell-theme-*

Tip: Press tab twice near the end of the command to list all available themes. You can then type the names individually to install one theme at a time.

Don’t Forget the Gnome Tweak Tool

The Gnome Tweak tool is also required to activate your new Gnome Shell theme.

# yum install gnome-tweak-tool

Install User Themes Shell Extension

There is one final tool you will need to get a new Gnome Shell theme working in Fedora 20. Install the User Themes shell extension which is needed to switch from the default theme.

# yum install gnome-shell-extension-user-theme.noarch

Warning: The Shell Theme selection button inside the Gnome Tweak tool will be locked until the User Theme extension is activated.

Activate a New Gnome Shell Theme on Fedora 20

Now that you have everything you need you can begin to activate a different Gnome Shell theme with a few final steps.

Turn on the User Theme Shell Extension

First you will need to open the Gnome Tweak tool and look in the Extensions tab. From here you should activate the User Theme shell extension.

Fedora 20 Gnome Tweak Tool Screenshot

Select your New Theme

Next you can click on the appearance tab inside the Gnome Tweak tool. From there you can select the Shell Theme drop down menu and choose the theme you desire. The theme will then become activated. You can click on the Gnome Shell activities menu to see the results.

Fedora 20 Gnome Tweak Tool Screenshot

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