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Digikam 3.0 Receives Highly Desired Features

Digikam recently released a new version of their popular photo management software. Digikam 3.0 delivers exciting new features and plug-ins for users to try. Unfortunately 3.1 has also just been released, though the changes are not as significant. To be sure that nothing important was overlooked, I wanted to give 3.0 a bit of a personal interview, with some aggressive inquisition. Here I will investigate some of the most important changes offered with the Digikam 3.0 release.

Digikam 3.0 Photo Manager Screenshot

Digikam 3.0 Video Slideshow Generator

There is a new plugin for Digikam users which is capable of exporting images as a video slideshow.

How It Works

Rather than being built-in to Digikam, or as a separate application, this tool works as a simple plug-in. This tool is a Kipi plug-in and should work with other Kipi plug-in supported applications.

Digikam 3.0 Facial Recignition

Digikam now offers a helpful facial recognition feature. I can imagine that there will be some bugs to work out before this function performs as anticipated.

Facial Recognition Details

With this feature Digikam is able to scan a selection of images and categorize them into different groups. Images containing the same person or place will generally fall into the same category. This makes it easy to tag photos quickly based on their content.

Digikam 3.0 Video Metadata Support

With video capture abilities being prevalent in digital cameras today Digikam has added support for video metadata.

About Digikam Video Metadata

The video metadata feature will use the Exiv2 library which is also compatible with other common video and photo management applications.

Digikam More Fun Changes

Here are some of the other fun changes for the release of Digikam version 3.0. Several tweaks have been made to the user interface, but I am not familiar enough with this application to notice the changes.

New UPnP DLNA Plugin

Another Kipi plug-in has been provided which allows for discovery of images on connected UPnP devices.

Additional Kipi Plugins

A new wallpaper plugin is available for Digikam, and another for extending the presentation view.

Download Digikam 3.0

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