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Fedora 20 Delivers Updated Gnome Software Center

Fedora 20 delivers a sleek new software manager for the Gnome Shell that is perfectly user-friendly. This new software manager also takes advantage of the header bars introduced with Gnome 3.10. I have taken an extensive look at the re-designed Gnome Software Manager, and now its time to show off the goods.

Gnome Software Center Fedora 20 Screenshot

Fedora 20 Gnome Software Center Details

The software center found in Fedora 20 has a wonderful layout directed more towards usability on mobile and touch devices. The new header bar contains 3 tabs used to keep things organized. Though this tool is so easy to use there are still some features left unmentioned. Here are some of the other things that you can do with the new software manager found in Fedora 20.

Check Available Software

The first tab is used for finding new software. This is where all of the available software is listed for you to install.

View Installed Software

Another helpful tab near the top of the window is available where you can find all of your already installed software listed conveniently. From here, you can click the remove button to get rid of any software that you don’t want.

Update Software with Gnome Software Center

Lastly you will find a final tab that contains any available software updates.

Find Featured and Recommended Software

This tool also displays a decent selection of recommended software that may be of interest to users. A single featured application is also displayed. The featured application appears to be one that is currently very popular at the moment.

Gnome Software Center Categories

All of the software found inside the re-designed Gnome Software Center is arranged thoroughly into categories and sub-categories.

Gnome Software Center Fedora 20 Screenshot

Navigating Software Categories

Categories are available for internet applications, office applications, games, and many more. After selecting the category you want, you will often find additional sub-categories. For example inside the internet applications category you will find sub-categories for web browsers, chat applications, and similar items.

Installing New Software

With the updated Gnome Software Center, it is very easy to install new applications and other utilities.

Gnome Software Center Fedora 20 Screenshot

How to Install Software

Simply navigate through the software categories until you find the application you want. You can then select the application to see a brief description, and press the install button to proceed.

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