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Fedora 20 Gnome 13.10 Desktop Review

Cutting edge updates and reasonable stability coalesce to make Fedora 20 the perfect target for your next Linux fix, so be sure not to miss out.

After a few weeks toying around with Fedora 20, I thought it was time to share my findings. Because Gnome 13.10 brought a long list of changes, I opted to download the Gnome Desktop version of Fedora 20.

Fedora 20 Default Gnome 13.10 Desktop Screenshot

Getting Started with Fedora 20

If you are interested in trying Fedora for yourself, there are lots of ways that you can. Fedora offers variety and versatility in every sense of the word. Users are free to choose different desktop environments and installation media to fit their needs. Fedora is an excellent choice for desktop, or server users. This distribution provides the latest server software for mail servers, web servers, Ftp servers and more.

Download Fedora 20

Alternative Desktop Options

The Gnome Shell is not the only available choice for desktop users. The Fedora community also provides KDE, LXDE, Xfce, Mate-Compiz, or SoaS as alternative desktop options. Each version comes as its own unique ISO download. These versions are even available in 32 bit or 64 bit architecture.

There are other spins that users might find helpful. The Fedora community also produces a security based version, a design suite, scientific version, and an electronics lab for testing high-end hardware.

Select Your Fedora Installation Media

After selecting the version you are interested in from the Fedora website, you can then proceed with the download and installation. Fedora almost always installs without any hurdles, and this time was no different.

Gnome 13.10 User Interface Updates

The Gnome Shell interface received some usability refinements, but nothing extreme. Title-bars and tool-bars have been merged into a single header bar to reduce wasted screen space even further.

Activities Window Switched to Paginated Scrolling

When browsing through applications in the Gnome Shell activities window, users will now notice that scrolling jumps a single page at a time.

System Status Area Gets Redesigned

Some system status icons and menus are now integrated into a single menu. This change is meant to optimize the indicator panel, and reduce wasted space. Indicators for sound, brightness, networking and some other items are now packed into a system status indicator icon.

Fedora 20 Gets New Desktop Tools

This release comes with some exciting new tools for desktop users to enjoy, here is a closer look.

New Software Manager Introduced

Fedora 20 comes with a new software manager that makes finding new and helpful applications very easy to find. This tool will eventually provide convenient software recommendations, detailed software descriptions, and of course screenshots. Unfortunately not all of these features are not available this time around.

Fedora 20 Software Center Screenshot

Fedora 20 Delivers Updated Gnome Software Center

Upgraded System Settings Manager

Users will also find a redesigned system settings manager in Fedora 20. This settings manager takes advantage of the header bars introduced in Gnome 13.10. There are even additional settings that users might find useful.

Fedora 20 System Settings Screenshot

Fedora 20 Receives Updated System Settings Interface

New Gnome Applications Available

The Gnome 13.10 release also brought even more fun applications that users might want to play with.

These applications do not come installed by default, but we can show you how to get them for yourself.

Gnome Desktop 13.10 Applications Screenshot

Latest Gnome Applications Sampled on Fedora 20

Fedora 20 for System Administrators

Most Fedora releases have more to offer for system administrators and developers, but there is a small list of changes to note.

Lots of Updated Tools Included

This release includes the WildFly 8 application server which some might find useful. MongoDB was updated to version 2.4 and now includes full text search support.

Added Experimental Wayland Support

The Gnome 13.10 desktop release introduces experimental support for the Wayland display server, mostly for testing purposes. Developers are now able to test their software on Wayland for the coming releases which should include full support.

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