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Fedora 20 Receives Updated System Settings Interface

With the recent release of Fedora 20, I thought it was time to check out the highlights. Fedora 20 comes with Gnome 13.10, which continues to be updated even further. The 13.10 release brought some major changes to the Gnome Shell, including improved system settings and exciting new applications. I have inspected the new system settings manager thoroughly, and now its time to show off the details.

Fedora 20 System Settings Screenshot

Fedora 20 System Settings Upgrades

Fedora 20 uses a redesigned version of the Gnome settings manager and takes advantage of the header bar feature offered in Gnome 13.10. Many of the available system settings modules were upgraded as well, giving users even more fun settings to play with.

Settings Manager Interface Redesigned

The new interface is exceptionally user-friendly making it easy to find new software. This tool displays featured and recommended software so you can quickly find the best applications for your needs.

Fedora 20 Gets New System Settings

This release brings a reasonable list of new configuration options that can be found scattered throughout the various system settings modules.

Geolocation Support Included

With the addition of Geolocation support, several applications are now able to detect the location of the user automatically.

New Settings Modules in Fedora 20

Next lets take a look at some of the changes to settings found in Fedora 20.

Integrate More Online Accounts

The settings module used for online account integration has been expanded to included several chat accounts. Flickr account integration has been included meaning users can now access their online photos.

Change the Lock Screen Background Image

Users can now change the background image of the lock screen. Desktop background options and lock screen options have been incorporated into the same system settings modules. Better yet, you can now select background images directly from your Flickr account after it has been integrated.

Improved Display Settings

This release makes it even easier for users to setup their desktop monitors. The display settings module was redesigned, unfortunately the quantity of available options is rather limited.

Date and Time Settings Overhauled

Next in line we have the date and time settings module which has also been refined. Fedora 20 can now detect your time zone or location settings automatically thanks to the new Geolocation support.

Other Important Changes in Fedora 20

There are lots of other fun changes in Fedora 20 that you might not want to miss.

Want to Try Out Some Fun New Applications?

More exciting applications were released with Gnome 13.10 and you might want to try them for yourself. These applications are not installed by default in Fedora 20, but I have tested them out and provided installation instructions for anyone that is interested.

Latest Gnome Applications Sampled on Fedora 20

Check Out the New Software Center

This release delivers a brand new tool for installing new software. The new software center offers software recommendations and is extremely user-friendly.

Fedora 20 Delivers Updated Gnome Software Center

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