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File Roller Archive Manager for Linux

File Roller is personally my favorite file archiving tool available for the Linux desktop. An archive file is a file that contains other files, and some people encounter these file types on a daily basis. But File Roller is the archiving tool that can handle almost any archive format your throw at it.

File Roller Archive Manager Screenshot

File Roller Archive Manager

The File Roller archive manager provides a simplified graphical interface that is easy to navigate. On Ubuntu and similar Gnome desktop systems this archive manager might already be installed.

Multiple Archive Formats Supported

This archive manager supports all popular archive file formats. You can expect quality performance for gzip, tar, rar, zip, archives, and many more.

Easy Archive Management

File Roller will open automatically when double clicking on archive files. The contents of the archive are then displayed.

Works Best With Nautilus

You can drag and drop items directly from the file manager into the File Roller window to add to them to your archive. The File Roller interface itself functions much like a file manager in many ways. Right-click on archives from the file manager to see more options.

File Roller Archive Manager Commands

Here you can find some of the options and commands that will allow you to use the File Roller archive manager from the Linux command line.

Launch File Roller

You can use the command below to launch the File Roller archive manager from the Linux command line.

	$ file-roller

Standard Syntax

This is the standard usage for File Roller from the command line. Short, or long options are available in many cases.

	$ file-roller --option -o /dir/file

Add Files To Archive

Use this option to add files to the archive you specify.

	$ file-roller -a /file /archive.rar

Extract Archive

Will extract an archive using the name of the stated archive as the destination folder, File Roller will quit when completed.

	file-roller -h /archive.rar

Install File Roller

You should be able to find it under your applications menu in the accessories section by clicking archive manager. You can install the File Roller archive manager on your Linux desktop using the following commands in your terminal.

	$ sudo apt-get install file-roller

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