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Filelight Disk Space Analasys Tool

Filelight will help you find out where your disk space is being wasted. This tool provides a graphical display that is very easy to understand. Use this tool to scan your entire file system, or only particular parts.

Filelight Disk Usage Analyzer Screenshot

Filelight Configuration

This tool offers a minimal number of settings, just enough to get the job done.

Do Not Scan These Folders

Inside the configuration dialog users can find a tab called scanning. Here users can choose a list of folders that should not be scanned. Users may even choose to exclude remote file systems, or removable media from the scan.

Filelight Interface Colors

User may choose to customize the appearance of the Filelight interface in many ways. Different color schemes are available for the disk usage window. Rainbow colors are available, system colors, or high contrast colors.

Configure The Toolbars

This tool will let users configure the toolbars completely. Users can decide which options they would like to have displayed inside the toolbars, or which toolbars are displayed.

Filelight Keyboard Shortcuts

Users can freely customize a vast list of helpful keyboard shortcuts for the Filelight disk space analysys tool. Setup shortcuts to navigate through the interface, or to manually start hard  disk scans. Below I have listed some of the most useful keyboard shortcuts available for Filelight.

Scan Home Folder

Use the next shortcut to begin scanning your home folder.

Ctrl + Enter

Scan Selected Folder

You can open a file selection dialog with the following keyboard shortcut. The selected folder will then be scanned.

Ctrl + O

Go Up One Folder

The next shortcut will let you move up one folder in your file system tree.

Alt + Up

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