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Gnome 3.6 Delivers New and Improved Applications

Gnome now offers improved performance for many popular applications. There are even new and exciting tools for users to experiment with. Here is a look at some of the latest application changes made for the Gnome 3.6 release.

Boxes Virtual Machine Manager New Features

Boxes for Gnome is a convenient new tool used to manage virtual machines both locally and remotely. This tool was introduced for Gnome 3.4, but this release brings a far more stable interface, and many new features.

Fedora 18 Gnome Desktop Screenshot

Search For Boxes

A search function has been introduced inside the Boxes interface. This is used to search for existing virtual machines for quick access. This feature is also integrated into the Gnome activities overview.

Rename Gnome Boxes

Users are now able to rename existing virtual machines through the Gnome Boxes interface for even more convenience.

Gnome Boxes Virtual Machine Manager Introduction

Nautilus File Manager 3.6

Many users were concerned about Nautilus 3.6 due to missing features. This seems to have prompted the creation of the Nemo file manager by the Linux Mint team. This time we will focus on the changes made to Nautilus however. This release has eliminated several bugs for improved stability.

Fedora 18 Gnome Desktop Screenshot

Recently Used Files

Nautilus 3.6 now provides easy access to recently used files. Recently used files can be found using the Recent tab located in the Nautilus sidebar.

Improved Search Capabilities

A search function has finally been included with the Nautilus file manager for the Gnome desktop. Users can begin a search simply by typing while the Nautilus window is highlighted.

Clocks Tool Introduced

Another useful new tool has been introduced, this one is called Clocks. Use this tool to manage times from different world locations.

Other Features

Users will also find a built in alarm, stop watch, and timer. These additions make this a very unique and helpful little tool.

Empathy Instant Messenger Improvements

The Empathy instant messenger will now offer a contact list that appears similar to the one found in the Gnome Contacts application. The Contact tool uses a cleaner interface and larger profile images.

Contact Groups Disabled

The contact groups feature has been disabled by default due to lack of use. This feature can still be enabled from the preferences window if you prefer. All of your favorite contacts that you frequently communicate with will appear at the top of the list for convenience.

Web Browser for Gnome

Web is the default web browser for the Gnome desktop. Web uses the WebKit engine which is utilized by the Safari browser. The blank start page used by Web was replaced in favor of a grid design containing your most visited pages. Unfortunately I was unaware of the creation of this tool, so I cannot compare it to previous versions. Web seems to have snuck by my rigorous research endeavors.

Optimized Full Screen Mode

The full screen mode for this web browser has been drastically improved. In prior releases the toolbar would still be displayed when full screen mode was active. This was changed so the content alone will be shown.

Disks Tool Changes

There is also the Disk tool which has apparently replaced GParted without my knowledge. This tool can be used to manage connected storage devices.

Sleep Mode Changes

The Disk tool now contains a sleep icon which will be displayed for any disks in standby mode. Users may even toggle standby mode manually.

Font Viewer Gets New Look

Another complete redesign was performed on the font viewer. This tool will now appear to match other Gnome 3 applications more precisely. Screen space is now used more efficiently to reduce wasted space on small screens. A top bar has even been added which will help users find fonts that they are searching for.

View Installed Fonts

An overview of all installed fonts can be displayed. All fonts will be displayed in a grid in a large and clearly visible size.

Gnome 3.6 Minor Application Changes

There have been several other small application changes as well. Here are some of the minor changes for the Gnome 3.6 release.

Evolution Gets Minor Tweaks

Email rendering for Evolution will now use WebKit for improved display of HTML. A confirmation dialog will be displayed when moving folders. The calendar tool will now contain a search bar to help users find events.

Disk Usage Analyzer Improvements

This tool has been completely redesigned for 3.6. The interface was revamped and is now very stylish. All connected devices will first appear in a list with their hard drive space visible.

Fedora 18 Gnome 3.6 Desktop Review

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