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Gnome Boxes Virtual Machine Manager Introduction

The 3.6 release brings many changes for Gnome Boxes, and now here is a hasty preview. The various bug fixes and stability improvements make the 3.6 release far more refined, so try it today.

Fedora 18 Gnome Desktop Screenshot

Gnome Boxes New Features

With this tool you can use, manage, or view all of your virtual machines, even remotely. Boxes is now more user-friendly, making virtual machine management extremely easy.

Search Function

This version of Gnome Boxes includes a helpful new search function. Users can search for virtual machines inside Gnome Boxes, or using the Gnome activities overview.

Rename Your Boxes

This tool now gives users the ability to rename all of their virtual machines. This feature is missing in many similar applications.

Customize Box Settings

When creating a virtual box users are able to customize the memory and disk size. You can create virtual boxes that utilize numerous capabilities available to the host system.

Force Shutdowns

Users can now forcibly power off virtual machines from the main menu. This is helpful if your virtual machine becomes unstable and freezes.

Gnome Boxes Virtual Machine Setup Wizard

The boxes virtual machine setup wizard uses a five stage process that is extremely easy to understand. Next I will review virtual machine the setup process for the many interested users.

Gnome Boxes Introduction

After starting the setup wizard, users are presented with a brief introduction. This window displays information about some of the available features.

Source Selection

The sources window is next and will allow users to select their installation media. From there you can choose a drive, a URL, or a file to install from.

Review Your Settings

After selecting your installation sources, users are asked to review their default virtual machine settings. You will be asked to confirm your sources, required system memory, and disk space. This window also contains a button for extra customization options.

Further Customization Options

If you choose to customize your options further there are settings for your virtual machine login, display, system, and devices. When finished you can select the Create option to complete the setup process.

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