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Guake Terminal Emulator

Here is another Quake-chat style drop down terminal emulator that comes loaded with excellent features. A terminal emulator will give user quick access to the Linux command line shell right from the comfort of the desktop. Guake will help you preform system management tasks without getting in the way.

Guake Terminal Emulator Screenshot

Linux Desktop Terminal Emulators

About the Guake Terminal Emulator

If you are wondering if you should be using Guake maybe we have some of the answers.

User-Friendly Customization

This terminal emulator provides simplified customization options that are very easy to understand. The preferences window is limited to configuration options that are commonly needed, while more complex options can be accessed via the command line. Users are able to customize the interface with new colors, and different parts of the interface can be disabled as needed.

Guake Terminal Emulator Default Screenshot

How to Install Guake on Linux

This terminal emulator is commonly found in the main software repositories on most Linux distributions. That means that you can usually install the Guake terminal emulator with your favorite package manager.

Install Guake on Ubuntu

The command below will install the Guake terminal emulator on any Ubuntu based system.

$ sudo apt-get install guake

Install Guake

Install Guake on Arch Linux

Arch Linux users can use Pacman to install Guake.

# pacman -S guake

Do you know of a better terminal emulator that we should all be using? Tell us which one is your favorite!

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