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Install Enlightenment 17 on Ubuntu 12.10

The Enlightenment desktop project graced the Linux world with its founding in 1997. Enlightenment then raced to version 16 with development for E17 beginning in December 2000. Enlightenment 17 now marks is the completion of a twelve-year development project. The finished product is now available to the public, and you can install E17 on Ubuntu 12.10 today.

Enlightenment 17 Desktop Environment Screenshot

Enlightenment 17 Ubuntu 12.10 Installation

Follow the steps below to install the E17 desktop on Ubuntu 12.10 to replace the Unity desktop shell.

Warning: Users may experience bugs when running Enlightenment 17 on Ubuntu 12.10. I have had a single successful run with Kubuntu and Ubuntu 12.10. Enlightenment 17 has now also been tested successfully on Ubuntu 12.04 using the same instructions seen below.

Add the PPA

Users should first add the PPA to their sources so the latest version of E17 can be installed.

$ sudo add-apt-repository ppa:efl/trunk

Update and Upgrade

Be sure to update your existing package sources to reflect the most recent changes. After updating your sources you should then upgrade all of your installed packages.

$ sudo apt-get update
$ sudo apt-get upgrade

Install Enlightenment 17

Now you can install E17 on your system with the command seen below.

$ sudo apt-get install e17

Enlightenment 17 Setup Wizard

After the installation finishes you should logout and then log in again with E17 selected as your new session. The setup wizard will then begin.

Choose Your Language

When the setup process begins you should select the default language you wish to use. Then press next to proceed.

Keyboard Layout

After pressing next again you are prompted to select a layout for your keyboard.

Profile Layout Selection

Next you are asked to choose your profile layout. Two layout options are available. Computer Standard Enlightenment, or you can use the Mobile profile.

Window Title Bar Size

Six different window title bar sizes are available to select from next. There are varying sizes from very small, to quite large.

Enlightenment 17 Desktop Environment Screenshot

Window Focus Preferences

Now you can select how window focus is determined. You may choose to have windows focus when clicked, or when the mouse moved over the window.

Network Service Detection

Connman Networking Management service should now be detected if it is available. Connman will be installed automatically if needed.

Compositing and Hardware Acceleration

You will then be asked if you would like to enable compositing, and to choose your preferred method used for desktop compositing. The available options are hardware acceleration with OpenGL, or Tear-Free Rendering using OpenGPL.

Automatic Update Checking

If you would like to have the Enlightenment 17 desktop environment automatically check for pending update, you are now prompted with the option. Updates will include security changes, bug fixes, even new addons.

Enable Taskbar

Finally you are prompted to enable a taskbar which is used to display open windows and other important items.

Start Using Enlightenment 17

Enlightenment 17 is ready to rock-&-roll. The desktop will load automatically when the setup process is completed. Notice the shocking loading speed, not to mention the elegant look.

Find Your Settings

Important desktop settings are extremely easy to find. Left click on the desktop background, this will open a convenient menu. Look inside the settings sub-menu for all of your desktop options and preferences. Now you are on your own and left to enjoy this top quality desktop environment. Enjoy Enlightenment 17!

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