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Install KDE 4.12 on All Ubuntu 13.10 Variants

Users that recently installed Ubuntu 13.10 or any of the derivatives may want to upgrade to KDE 4.12. This version brings improved performance and stability, but not much more. KDE packages in the 13.10 repositories are holding at version 4.11.3, likely for further testing. Thankfully Ubuntu users can install KDE 4.12 with only a few short commands.

Kubuntu 13.10 KDE 4.12 Screenshot

How to Install KDE 4.12 on Ubuntu 13.10

Anyone using older versions of Ubuntu can also upgrade to version 4.12. The following commands will work as far back as 12.04.

Add the Repository

The first step is to add the KDE backports repository, so you can find the latest packages.

$ sudo add-apt-repository ppa:kubuntu-ppa/backports

Update Your System

Next update your sources so the latest packages become available.

$ sudo apt-get update

Upgrade Installed Packages

After that you should upgrade all installed packages to their latest versions with the next command.

$ sudo apt-get upgrade

Install KDE 4.12

Unless you are using Kubuntu already, you will still need to install the Kubuntu desktop which will now offer KDE 4.12.

$ sudo apt-get install kubuntu-desktop

See Whats New in KDE 4.12

This is mostly a stability and performance update with lots of bugs being fixed. This is due to the feature freeze in effect pending the migration to Plasma 2 and Framework 5. More tools were converted to QML and Qt Quick. You may want to have a look at some of the small improvements that did make it into 4.12, and we have the details.

Kate and KMail Upgraded

The popular KDE mail application known as KMail got some security enhancements for this release. AdBlock support is now included, as well as an automated URL extender. The new URL extender is used to aid in scam detection. For further details you can check out the links below, and we will be posting another article on this topic shortly.

KDE 4.12 Performance Updates Revealed

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