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Install Missing Gnome Applications on Fedora 20

Gnome 3.10 delivers several new desktop tools, and an extensive list of helpful features. I was shocked to see that these new tools are not included by default after installing Fedora 20. Thankfully this situation can be remedied with only a few short commands. Be sure to take advantage of the new Gnome goodies, which include a weather tool, a note tool, and even a new photo viewer.

Gnome 13.10 Desktop Applications Screenshot

How to Install Gnome 3.10 Applications

This is how you can install all the cool new Gnome 3.10 applications on Fedora 20, simply follow the instructions below.

First Login As Root

First you should open your default terminal emulator, and login as the root user. After entering the following command, you will be prompted for your administrator password.

$ su -

Install All Gnome Applications

Now that you have permission you can begin installing all of these tools. You can install them all at once with the long command below, or pick the packages you want and install them individually.

# yum install gnome-photos.x86_64 gnome-music.x86_64 
gnome-weather.x86_64 gnome-boxes.x86_64 gnome-maps.noarch 

Whats New in Fedora 20 and Gnome 3.10?

Do you want to learn more about all of the excellent changes found in Fedora 20 or Gnome 3.10?

Gnome 3.10 Gets Massive Application Updates

This release packs a variety of new and improved applications to enjoy. 13.10 delivers new utilities for weather, time, photos, music, notes, and more. The list of changes is truly massive, its one of the largest updates I have seen yet.

New Software Center Spotted in Fedora 20

A new software center has also been included with the release of Fedora 20. This software center provides an exceptionally user-friendly interface. Users are even able to find featured and recommended software.

Want More Gnome 13.10 Details?

Gnome 13.10 Release Notes

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