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Kate Text Editor Gains Mini-Map Scrolling Ability

The Kate text editor received a large number of bug fixes for the 4.10 release, and some exciting new features. A mini-map scroll bar is now available for Kate users, and an improved notification system. If you use the Kate text editor for KDE, be sure to take advantage of the latest changes.

Kate Text Editor KDE 4.10 Screenshot

Kate 4.10 Enhanced Notifications System

One of the most notable changes to Kate this time around, is the new notification system. Though the new system is not completed, the previews sure look good. Some users have expressed concern about the notification system being too bold, but I like the new look.

Reasons for the Change

This notification system is less intrusive, and highly attractive. The new system resembles the KMessage Widget used by kdelibs. Notifications are even easier for developers to implement.

When Are Notifications Displayed?

Notification's will commonly be displayed when viewing remote files, or data recovery and swap files. If there is more than one message waiting, then the highest priority item gets shown. Sadly I was not able to force a message to appear so I could share a screenshot.

Note: Unfortunately the notification feature may not be fully implemented until the release of KDE 5. Check back soon for more updates on this topic.

Kate 4.10 Minimap Scrolling

Kate can now show a mini-map in place of the scroll bar. The mini-map looks like a long thumbnail of your entire document. This is an excellent feature if you have the screen space to spare.

How It Works

This feature works much like a traditional scroll-bar. However, the whole document is visible as a thumbnail. Users can simply select where in the document they would like to jump to instantly.

Tip: To enable this feature, you can look inside the Kate configuration window for the appearance settings section. There you will find an option to enable the scroll bar mini-map.

Note: Again, this feature is still subject to change and not considered completed.

Kate 4.10 Color Schemes

Kate, Kile, KDevelop and other popular KDE applications will now share the same color schemes. A small variety of color schemes are already provided.

Available Kate Color Schemes

Unfortunately I expected to see a larger variety of color schemes, but at least they are quite attractive. Users will find a normal theme, a printing theme, a KDE theme, Solarized light and dark themes, and lastly a dark Vim theme.

Kate 4.10 Plug-Ins

Plug-ins for Kate 4.10 have also been upgraded for this release. There are a few new plug-ins available which make this editor even more powerful.

Tags and ID Plug-In

Kate now has a plug-in that will let users read ID files and tags that are created by GNU idutils.

Project Plug-In

With this release Kate finally gets a projects plug-in which will surely be welcomed by KDE lovers. This plug-in will display a sidebar that shows project files and folders. A search and replace function has also been included with this plug-in.

Kate 4.10 Other Minor Tweaks

A vast number of bugs were exterminated with the release of Kate 4.10. Aside from that, here is a look at some of the other minor changes users can expect.

Show Current Scroll Line

Another requested feature has finally been added after a long nine years of waiting. When activated, a small tool-tip will display the current view line when scrolling through your documents.

Quick Open Shortcut

A new keyboard shortcut is available which will let users quickly open documents. This shortcut will open a dialog box where users may select a document to load.

Tip: Use Ctrl + Alt + o to use the new quick open feature for the Kate text editor.

KDE 4.10 Changes

The release of KDE 4.10 also delivered a vast number of fun new features and other exciting changes users should be aware of.

KDE 4.10 Additional Features

KWin now offers virtual machine detection and will customize your settings accordingly. There is also a stylish new default desktop theme to see.

KDE Plasma Desktop 4.10 Latest Features

KDE 4.10 Application Upgrades and Changes

Many of the primary KDE desktop applications are now even better. Okular, Gwenview, Marble, and KTouch will now offer an even better user experience.

KDE 4.10 Applications Get Major Overhaul

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