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KDE 4.10 Applications Get Major Overhaul

KDE 4.10 delivers a long list of application upgrades for this release which cannot be overlooked. There are some new applications available and loads of fun features, meaning more fun for KDE lovers everywhere. Here is a closer look at all the latest excitement that you have all been waiting for.

KDE 4.10 Plasma Desktop Screenshot

Okular Universal File Viewer Upgrades

Okular lovers should expect many improvements, including support for embedded videos inside of documents. Here are some of the other fun changes.

Okular Tiled Rendering

Okular now uses tiled rendering which will let users zoom in more, with improved performance.

Okular Now Using QTabletEvents

QTabletEvents has been introduced to Okular allowing for easier annotations. When creating annotations with a tablet, it will behave similar to when using a mouse.

Extra Mouse Shortcuts

Users are now able to use mouse button 4 and 5, or the forward and back buttons, to navigate through documents in Okular.

Gwenview Adds New Features

Alright Gwenview is next in line, also with extra exciting changes this time around.

Improved Thumbnails

Support for custom thumbnail ratios is now available for Gwenview users. This means that spacing within the main window will be more efficient. Thumbnails for single images get generated before thumbnails for directories, giving a minor performance increase. Thumbnails that appear on-screen are also rendered first as a priority.

Read Embedded Color Profiles

This version gives Gwenview the ability to read embedded color profiles from image files. This feature will soon be added for thumbnails as well.

Recursive Importing

Entire folders and sub-folders can now be imported using Gwenview. Recursive importing will let users import several images at once from their devices.

Kontact Communication Suite Improvements

The Kontact communication software suite for KDE has received the largest number of changes. Many of the changes are actually quite desirable, here is a closer look.

Better Indexing

The built-in search function for Kontact is more responsive, and uses fewer resources.

Basic KMail Upgrades

When using the KMAil composer, users will notice an option that will let them open recently used files. The ability to add contacts directly through the KMail interface is also available.

KMail Improved HTML Composer

The HTML composer which is included has now been improved allowing tables to be added. Users can control the number of columns and rows, or merge cells at any time.

KMail Resize Attached Images

KMail users can now resize images attached to emails. This will surely be a helpful option when you forget that your image is massive.

Text Auto-Correction for KMail

Text auto-correction has also been added to KMail. This includes a word replacement feature, and an option to capitalize the first letter of every sentence.

Kopete DND Mode

The popular KDE chat application Kopete has gained a do-not-disturb mode. When this mode is activated, visual and audio notifications are completely disabled.

Konsole Just Got a Little Better

The popular terminal emulator for KDE brought back some old features due to the number of user requests.

Old Functions Restored

Functions that were previously available in KDE 3 are restored. This includes the print-screen and send signals functions. Old options are also available, including the ability to adjust line spacing in Konsole.

The New Marble Virtual Globe

Marble virtual globe received a few underlaying technical changes for this release. Most importantly is the single exciting new feature that has been added.

KDE 4.10 Marble Virtual Globe

Track Space Orbiters

Users can now track space orbiters around various planets in our solar system. This includes important space missions such as Mars Express, Venus Express, and SMART-1. You will even find orbital patterns for different moons like Phobos and Deimos.

KTouch Typing Tutor Looks Even Better

KTouch received some interface enhancements as well. The training screen text should fit better into the available space, even when scaling on large monitors. Horizontal space is now used more effectively.

KDE 4.10 KTouch Typing Tutor Screenshot

Improved Hinting System

Ktouch for KDE now provides an improved hinting system, as requested by users. After three wrong key presses, users will see a small tooltip which displays the proper key needed to proceed.

KDE 4.10 Games Improved

Many KDE games will be using improved KDE games libraries. This change will mean improved performance and better user interfaces for several KDE games.

KDE Picmi Puzzle Game

There was a new logic puzzle game added to the list of KDE games for the 4.10 release. This game includes several random number puzzles with adjustable difficulty settings. Obviously as seen in this image, I have no idea how to play this game.

KDE 4.10 Picmi Puzzle Game

Print KSudoku Puzzles

The KDE 4.10 release will let KSudoku lovers print their puzzle games, so now you can play anywhere.

KDE 4.10 Gets Even More Exciting Changes

KDE 4.10 is a major release, with a long list of new features.

Other Application Tweaks

This release also brings changes to Kate, Rekonq, KWooty, and Scrooge. The Kate text editor for KDE now provides a mini-map scrolling featrure, and an upgraded notification system.

Kate Text Editor Gains Mini-Map Scrolling Ability

See More KDE 4.10

Do you want to see all the other fun changes offered in KDE 4.10? This release delivers a fancy new theme, user-interface improvements, and much more. If you want to learn more about KDE 4.10, we have you covered.

KDE Plasma Desktop 4.10 Latest Features

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