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KDE 4.12 Performance Updates Revealed

The Majority of the changes for this release can be found in the excellent selection of KDE applications. Several applications come with new features and increased stability. If you want to see the latest improvements for KDE 4.12, we have all the exciting details.

Kubuntu 13.10 KDE 4.12 Screenshot

KDE 4.12 Application Changes

4.12 brings a vast number of small application changes. Many of the KDE tools and toys have been ported to QML and Qt Quick in preparation for the switch to the new Framework 5.

Kate and KDevelop

Kate users will notice improved code completion with the latest updates. Matching for code completion will now be more accurate, and smarter. The code completion pop-up dialog is now able to better recognize abbreviations. You can now match any part of a text string rather than text only appearing at the beginning of an argument. This means that the code completion pop-up dialog will appear even if you type the text at the end of the argument you are searching for.

Kmail Get Safer

Next in line we have a few Kmail improvements worth noting. Support for AdBlock is now included, as well as a URL extender designed to aid scam detection.

Updated Games and Educational Applications

If you are a fan of the games found in KDE, there have been some minor improvements. Mostly just small user interface tune-ups.

How Can You Get KDE 4.12?

Users can install this version on Ubuntu going back as far as 12.04. This can be done with only a few simple commands.

Install KDE 4.12 on Ubuntu 13.10

If you are ready to upgrade to KDE 4.12, we will show you how. I have linked some helpful instructions below that even a monkey could follow.

Install KDE 4.12 on All Ubuntu 13.10 Variants

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