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KDE Plasma Desktop Activities

The idea of activities have only recently been introduced with the release of KDE 4. The KDE desktop is set up so all virtual desktops use the same activity and look the same, but this can be changed.

About Activities

Widgets will appear on all workspaces, along with icons, panels and other items. When using the KDE desktop you can use activities to create a completely different work environment on each workspace.

KDE Kubuntu 11.04 Screenshot

More Tips

Each activity can even have its own name and function, this is great if you prefer to separate your work and play. You can use activities to add a different desktop wallpaper for each workspace, or to separate your widgets based on function.

KDE Plasma Desktop Activity Options

To create a new activity you can select the button in the top right corner of the desktop which allows you to easily manage your desktop, then select the activities button. The activities panel will then open where you can create new activities or add widgets to existing activities. The following options are contained in the KDE activities panel.

Create Activity

Select this option if you would like to add additional activities to your KDE Plasma desktop. This option will bring up a pop-up menu containing more options as follows.

Activity Templates

You can create new activities based on the default templates that are provided. Here are your template options, desktop icons, folder view, newspaper layout, photos activity, or search and launch. There is also an option to get new templates.

Empty Desktop

You can also create a new empty desktop from here.

Clone Current Activity

If you select an activity you can also choose to clone the current activity.

Add Widget

Lastly you can choose to add some cool widgets to each of your new individual workspaces or activities.

KDE Plasma Desktop Introduction