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KDE Plasma Desktop Themes

KDE is well-known for simplified configuration options, if you use Kubuntu you can customize your KDE desktop in many ways. So let loose your wild side and experiment with some of the awesome themes and styles available. Feel free to adjust your window themes, cursors, or your splash screen.

More About Themes

If you are not satisfied with the choice you can always use the friendly interface to get more icons and themes online. All of your theme settings are locatee in a single convenient location.

Kubuntu 11.04 Screenshot


Theme Settings

You can find these options by opening your main menu and clicking on the system settings button. Then select the workspace appearance button from the system settings window. All of your themes are located inside the desktop theme tab.

KDE Plasma Desktop Theme Customization

From the top of the desktop theme window you can select the details tab to customize any of your available themes. Different themes can be used for different desktop items. For example, you can use the Air theme for main color scheme, the Oxygen theme for the Kickoff application launcher, and maybe a theme that you have downloaded for your panel and widget backgrounds. When finished making changes to these options just click apply to save the changes.

Theme Customization

If you want to name one of your custom theme creations you can at easily. First open the system settings window again and click on workspace appearance. Then select the desktop themes section from the left hand panel. Then you can open the details tab from the top of the window again. When finished customizing your theme, just select the more option under the theme customization options. This will open a small panel where you can add a theme name, author name, version information, and a description.

Remove Unwanted Themes

You are also able to remove themes that you no longer have a need for. This can also be done from the details tab of the theme window. Just click on the small checkbox near the bottom of the window that says more. Then you will see the option to remove the current theme.

KDE Plasma Desktop Introduction