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Krusader File Manager Introduction

Krusader is a twin panel file manager that will work on most Linux desktops. Unlike other file managers, Krusader seems to be designed to pack as many features as possible into an efficient and user-friendly interface.

Krusader File Manager Screenshot

Krusader File Manager Features

Much of the user interface is highly customizable allowing you to create a workspace that is comfortable.

Bookmark Manager

Store all of your favorite directories using the built-in bookmark manager. Users can add, remove, or edit bookmarks at any time.

VFS Support for Archive Transperancy

Krusader offers support for virtual file systems. Meaning you can browse archives and remote locations as if they were standard local directories.

Mount Manager Included

A mount manager is included with Krusader as well. This will let you mount and unmount different connected devices as needed.

Compare and Syncronize Directories

Other tools are included to let users compere directories, syncronize directories, or create checksums.

Easy Installation

To install Krusader on any Ubuntu based system just use these commands in your terminal.

$ sudo apt-get install krusader

Krusader File Manager Interface

The standard Krusader user interface is only somewhat more complicated than typical file managers. Krusader is highly customizable and almost everything can be changed to fit your needs.

Menu Bar

At the top of the Krusader window you will see a menu bar. The menus will contain all the available actions for the Krusader file manager.

Tool Bar

The tool bar is located underneath the menu bar. This bar contains many helpful shortcuts that you can use for the most common Krusader actions such as navigating directories.

Folder Panels

Below that you will see the left and right file display area where files and folders will be shown.

Terminal Emulator

Under the main display area you can open an optional terminal emulator.

Function Keys Bar

At the bottom of the Krusader window you will see several buttons with shortcut keys displayed on them. These buttons and the corresponding shortcuts can be used to quickly complete several daily tasks.

Status Bar

There is a small status bar below the bottom shortcut buttons, the status bar will change and display information based on what items you now have highlighted.

Krusader File Manager Toolbars

The Krusader toolbar can be moved or customized as you see fit, use the anchors near the edges of the toolbar. The main toolbar contains several common actions that you will frequently find useful. There is a single default toolbar, but others can be activated and customized if needed. The optional actions toolbar is reserved for user actions and bookmarks. The locations toolbar is also optional and can be used to display the path of the open folder.

Toolbar Customization

To access the toolbar options just right-click somewhere on the toolbar. If you want to you can disable the toolbars completely. More options can be found in the view menu, or by clicking on the configure toolbars button from the settings menu.

Krusader File Manager Panels

The default Krusader interface has two panels that will display the contents of directories you have chosen. You can only work on one file panel at a time, the panel you currently have selected will always stay highlighted.

Alternative Viewing Modes

Two different viewing modes are available, detailed view or brief view. Detailed view will display file names, file sizes, creation date, and more. The brief file view will only display file names. The number of information columns for file information can also be adjusted. Each panel will also remember its own location history.

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