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KTouch Typing Trainer Introduced for KDE

The KTouch typing trainer will help users take their typing skills to the next level in a fast and fun way. This tool provides a very comfortable interface, and you can create profiles for each system user.

KTouch Typing Trainer Screenshot

KTouch Basic Features

Now, here is a brief preview of the features included with KTouch for KDE.

KTouch User Profiles

Users are able to create profiles which define your typing skill level. Beginner mode lets you progress a single level at a time, while advanced mode leaves all lessons available to the user.

KTouch Typing Trainer Screenshot

User Statistics

A statistics screen is displayed when completing a lesson, this will help users track their progress. Statistics include typing speed, accuracy, and the number of errors that were made.

Keyboard Layouts

With KTouch users can even create custom keyboard layouts with different languages and key placements.

KTouch Lessons and Courses

KTouch provides a vast number of lessons and courses that will help you progress with your typing skills. Lessons are available for beginners, or experts alike.

Create Custom Courses

KTouch will even let users create their own customized courses from scratch. You can use existing courses as a template for your own and then customize it for your needs.

Share Your KTouch Results

This wonderful applications has many more important features. Most importantly, is the ability to save your results.

Import and Export Results

Another helpful feature is the ability to import or export results and statistics using XML files. That way you can share your results with your friends, or keep a backup copy. Export your results after your first attempt with KTouch, then you can look back at a later date to see how much you have improved.

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