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Kubuntu 12.10 Graphic Tablet Support

Kubuntu has again improved support for graphic tablet input devices. Tablet users can find a new and improved graphical settings manager as well. Below you can check out the vast list of available settings for your graphic tablet.

Kubuntu 12.10 Settings And Performance

Here you can get an understanding about graphic tablet performance when using Kubuntu 12.10. Additionally, I will point out many of the most convenient preferences offered by the settings manager.

Kubuntu 12.10 Screenshot

Kubuntu 12.10 Graphic Tablet Settings

Kubuntu detected my Wacom Intuos3 tablet without any problems. Your settings may differ slightly based on your hardware. Graphic tablet settings are available inside the system settings window.

Kubuntu Graphic Tablet Orientation

The Kubuntu graphic tablet settings module will let users change the input device orientation.

Programmable Buttons

You can program the buttons used for the pen device if you have one. Or you can customize the buttons on the graphic tablet pad itself.

Pen Pressure and Sensitivity

Inside the pen tab of the graphic tablet settings module you will find sliders that will let you adjust pen and eraser sensitivity.

Tablet Display Mapping

Users can now map their input device to a single display. Part of a single display can be used if your prefer.

Tablet Profiles

Users are able to create alternative profiles that utilize different settings when enabled. This is useful if you use your graphic tablet for multiple applications. Each application may have its own needs, so setup a profile to maximize efficiency.

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