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Kubuntu Display Manager Switched to LightDM

Kubuntu 12.10 has been the first release to ship with LightDM which has replaced KDM as the default login manager. This follows the same step made by Ubuntu in previous versions which seems to have been quite successful. Lots of new settings and features are available as I will point out.

Notes About The Change

We can all thank David Edmundson who has been the primary contributor to LightDM-KDE which has already reached version 0.3.0. LightDM is a better prospect for the future of Kubuntu for many reasons.

Kubuntu 12.10 LightDM Screenshot

Kubuntu 12.10 LightDM-KDE Features

Many users expected LightDM-KDE for the 12.04 release, but unfortunately work had not yet been completed. LightDM-KDE already has three very stylish QML based themes. Guest support is also included, naturally. Lots of bugs have already been fixed, but there are still a few more to go. The theme provided for KDE will support the use of Plasma widgets which is also very convenient.

Kubuntu LightDM-KDE GUI Settings Module

Here I will point out some of the convenient customization solutions offered by LightDM-KDE. A  convenient graphical user-interface is provided to customize LightDM-KDE inside the settings manager. Use the settings module if you want to change your login screen background image.

Kubuntu LightDM Classic Mode

A classic mode option is available for users who prefer a more traditional look. Classic mode offers the ability to change the welcome image, or welcome text.

Kubuntu 12.10 LightDM Screenshot

Kubuntu is already one of the most stylish distributions available. KDE has always offered a very attractive look, and LightDM is certainly an improvement. I have had fantastic success with LightDM so far, and I am still quite impressed by the speed. Enjoy the speed and versatility of this top quality display manager, now offered with Kubuntu!

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