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Latest Gnome Applications Sampled on Fedora 20

Many of the older Gnome applications were upgraded for the 13.10 release, and there were even some new toys and tools to be found. Unfortunately, many of the exciting new applications are not installed by default on Fedora 20. If you are just now trying Fedora 20, but are still unfamiliar with the latest Gnome updates, we will show off the highlights. The Gnome Shell is currently working towards the 13.12 mark, so these many users may already be aware of these changes.

Gnome 13.10 Application Updates

The Gnome Shell is really only a small part of the Gnome project, made complete by the vast list of associated tools. The Gnome 3.10 release brought some very exciting changes to the list of applications that should not be overlooked. Most importantly, Geolocation support has been added to many Gnome applications. This will allow your location to be detected automatically when using these tools.

Bijiben Note Tool Updated

The Bijiben tool is back with even more updates. This tool can now integrate directly with OwnCloud letting users store notes remotely. Bijiben now includes a search function that will help when you have too many notes. Users can also adjust the view of the main interface. You may choose to view an individual note, all notes as thumbnails, or a compact list of all notes. Notes are saved automatically so your data will never be lost.

Gnome 13.10 Desktop Applications Screenshot

New Gnome Photos Utility

If you have a Flickr account, you can now browse your images with the Gnome Photos application. Further integration with other online services will be provided in future releases. Images inside your local Photos folder will automatically appear after you open this application.

Fedora 20 Gnome 13.10 Photos Screenshot

Gnome Gets New Music Player

This release brings the first appearance of the Gnome Music Player. This tool is designed for browsing or playing music. Support for album art fetching is also included.

Check Your Local Weather

The 13.10 release also introduced the Gnome Weather utility which will let you keep an eye on the forecast for your local area. This tool is extremely easy to setup and also supports the new Geolocation data integration. Again your location should be detected automatically which is quite convenient.

Gnome 13.10 Desktop Applications Screenshot

View Maps From Your Desktop

And here is another fun new tool to play with, this time Gnome Maps. This tool uses data from the OpenStreetMap project. The introduction of geolocation support means that your location will automatically be displayed within Gnome Maps.

More Gnome Desktop Application Changes

Now that I have some of my favorites out of the way, here are some of the other application changes that came with Gnome 13.10.

Updated Gnome Clocks Tool

Some small changes for the Gnome clocks tool this time around. Users will notice new animated timers, and added Geolocation support. This means that Clocks can automatically detect your location and set the time accordingly.

Gnome 13.10 Desktop Applications Screenshot

Gnome Web Browser Improved

Next in line we have the Gnome web browser switching to the DuckDuckGo search engine. This change means increased privacy for users due to the reduction of logging. The web tool is also now better integrated into the Gnome Shell. With these changes users can search for web page titles from within the Gnome activities overview.

Boxes Virtual Machine Manager

Gnome users will also find some changes to the Boxes virtual machine manager. You can now drag and drop files directly between the host and guest systems. There is even improved support for alternative file system images including, vdi, img, vmdk and more.

Note: Drag and drop stupport between Boxes guest and host systems requires spice-guest-tool or spice-vdagent.

Gnome Documents Not Left Out

The Documents tool can now link directly to Owncloud, letting your store your data remotely. This tool will now provide keyboard navigation support within documents.

Tip: Use the F7 key to activate keyboard navigation within Gnome Documents.

Gnome Contacts Upgraded

The Gnome Contacts tool now provides an improved contact list, and upgraded setup dialogs. Be sure to check back soon to see more outstanding Gnome Shell updates.

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