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LibreOffice Writer Introduction

If you are looking for a full-featured text editor with nothing left out it may be time to try LibreOffice. This fantastic set of software will allow you to create mesmerizing documents with stylish text formatting, images, tables, calculations, and much more.

Try LibreOffice Today

But first its time to look specifically at LibreOffice writer, and all the available features. Here you will see all the options and functions available to create powerful text documents with a professional desktop publishing look.

LibreOffice Screenshot

Install LibreOffice

Install LibreOffice today using the following commands in your terminal.

$ sudo apt-get install libreoffice

LibreOffice Writer Interface

Before we go to far lets take a look at the LibreOffice Writer interface and how you can use this wonderful application its to maximum potential.

The Menu Bar

This is where you can find all the LibreOffice actions, several menu categories are available, each with related actions.

The Toolbars

Many helpful toolbars are also available to help you with your text formatting and common actions.

The Work Area

This is where your text, images, and other items will be displayed. You can right-click on the work area for a list of quick options.

The Status Bar

The status bar is at the bottom of the LibreOffice main window, here you can see information about you current document.

LibreOffice Writer Documents

Let’s move on and see just how to use LibreOffice Writer for a few every-day tasks. First we can look at how to start, open and save all of your documents.

Start New Document

Users can start a new document by selecting the new text document option from the file menu. Alternatively users may also choose to use the start center which appears when you start LibreOffice to start new documents. A new document button has also been placed in the LibreOffice Writer toolbar for your convenience.

Open Document

You can open new documents from the file menu. This can also be done using the open recent documents option. Both options will open the file selection dialog where you can search for your document.

Saving Your Documents

To save the document that you are working on you can select the save option or save as from the file menu. The Ctrl + S shortcut will work as well.

LibreOffice Writer Text Editing

Here are some tips to help you interact with text, you will also see more awesome features of LibreOffice Writer. LibreOffice offers all of the features seen in your average text editor, and many more advanced features as well.

Text Selection

Users can select text using the keyboard or mouse, you can then begin interacting with your selected text.

Cut Copy Paste

You can cut, copy or paste text, either under the mouse cursor, you can use a selected text block. Most of these options reside in the LibreOffice Writer edit menu. You can also use the convenient shortcuts in the toolbars to complete most of these common actions.

Find Or Replace Text

LibreOffice Writer offers an optional toolbar that can be used to find and replace text. Users can also try the find and replace dialog window that is available.

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