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LXDE Desktop LXPanel Menu Plug-in

Use the LXPanel menu plug-in to quickly launch applications or access your settings. This plug-in is an important part of the LXDE desktop that makes life easier for the user. Be sure that you are not missing out on this important feature of the LXDE desktop.

LXDE Desktop Screenshot

LXDE Desktop Menu Plug-in Details

This menu is a simple plug-in for the LXDE desktop panel LXPanel. There are many other LXDE desktop panel LXPanel applets available if you want to try them too.

What Does The Menu Contain?

Inside the menu you can find several categories which contain launchers for all of your installed applications. The menu also includes an option to log out of the desktop.

How Does The Menu Plug-In Work?

This menu plug-in uses .desktop entries to produce each menu item. These menu entries are commonly found in the following location if you are interested, though it is not recommended to edit these files by hand.


Where Do You Find This Plug-In?

After installing the LXDE desktop or the LXPanel you will find this plug-in already included in the panel. This main menu is located inside the bottom panel and it uses a very simple layout. You can move this panel to a new location inside the panel at any time, or you can move it to a new panel.

LXDE Desktop Menu Customization Tools

Here are some tools that you can use to customize your desktop panel menu. Alternatively you can customize your menu manually by adding and editing .desktop files.

LXMed LXDE Menu Editor Tool

There is a unofficial graphical user interface for menu configuration as well. Users will need to manually download and install this tool it is generally not provided by default.

Gnome Menu Configuration Tool

The Gnome menu editor appears that it can also be used if installed, though I have not tested it thoroughly.

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