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LXDE Desktop Panel LXPanel

The default panel found with the LXDE desktop is the lightweight LXPanel. This panel is quite similar to the Gnome panel or the KDE panel and configuration is just as easy. Use the LXPanel to store application launchers, or other helpful applets.

LXDE Desktop LXPanel Screenshot

LXDE Desktop Environment Introduction

LXDE Desktop LXPanel Features

The LXDE desktop LXPanel is lightweight when compared to some of its rivals, but the features are not lacking.

Lots of LXDE Desktop LXPanel Applets

Users should also make a note of the vast assortment of applets that can be added for even more great features. These applets can be used to display system information, application launchers, and menus inside the LXDE desktop panel.

LXDE Desktop Panel LXPanel Applets

Multiple Panels Supported

You may even choose to have more than one LXPanel. Each panel may have its own unique customization settings and applets.

Easy Panel Customization

The LXDE desktop environment includes a convenient graphical utility that can be used to customize the LXPanel.

LXDE Desktop LXPanel Installation Help

This panel is very easy to install on most Linux distributions and can commonly be found in the software repositories. The LXPanel is a modular component of the LXDE desktop meaning you can install it without installing the entire LXDE desktop environment.

Where Can You Get LXPanel?

If you want to you can download and setup this desktop panel manually. Here you can even see the latest versions.

Download LXPanel

How Do You Install the LXPanel?

Users can install the LXPanel on Ubuntu based system as a separate component. This means that there is no reason to install the entire LXDE desktop environment if it is not needed.

$ sudo apt-get install lxpanel

Install LXPanel

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