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Managing Startup Applications On Kubuntu Systems

KDE Autostart Screenshot

If you are interested in taking more direct control of your system startup procedure you can with the KDE autostart manager. This tool allows you to specify applications or scripts that you would like to run on startup, shutdown, or pre-login. As you can imaging, this allows for a variety uses and configurations.

Customize Startup Applications

Customizing your own system startup procedure is an effective way of maintaining system integrity. Run system maintenance tasks during startup and shutdown to make sure your system always runs at peak efficiency.

More Details

Now you can find out how to get the most out of the KDE autostart manager on your Kubuntu system. Be sure to share your favorite KDE tips today!

Using KDE Autostart Manager

You can launch the KDE autostart manager by finding the system settings button in your main menu. From the system settings window you can open the startup and shutdown options category. The first open panel in the new window will be for autostart applications and scripts. All changes made when using the KDE autostart manager are applied immediately.

Startup Files

Here are a few files used by the KDE autostart manager, these files will be scanned at system startup and shutdown.


Autostart Manager Interface

The autostart manager window consists of two main parts. On the left you have the file display panel, where startup scripts and applications are stored. On the right is your actions panel where you can add new startup applications or even view the properties of current scripts.

Add Program

This will display a pop-up window allowing you to select an application that is present on your system. After clicking the OK button the properties window will open.

Add Script

This will also open a window allowing you to look for an sh script on your system. You can choose to either copy the script to the required folder or select the create as symlink option.


To remove an item from the autostart manager simply highlight the item and click remove.


Use this to change the startup properties of a program or script.


Here you can choose to have programs and scripts only load when you launch the KDE desktop environment.

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