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Midnight Commander Custom Interface Colors

The Midnight Commander file manager provides a variety of helpful options that will let users customize their interface colors. Personalize your file manager with all of your favorite colors to create a more comfortable work environment. The color scheme can be modified conveniently at any time by editing a single configuration file.

Midnight Commander File Manager Screenshot

Midnight Commander Color Scheme Details

This file has lots of great features that users should certainly take advantage of. These features will provide improved productivity and a more comfortable work environment.

Midnight Commander File Manager Introduction

How to Get Additional Help with Colors

Need more help with midnight commander profile colors? There are a few websites that offer information on this topic, but the best strategy is to read the official help documentation of course. Use the command below in your terminal to get more information about Midnight Commander color profiles.

$ mc --help-color

Midnight Commander Color Scheme Options

Here you can see what color options are available for the Midnight Commander file manager.

Midnight Commander Default Theme

By default, a single color profile is used for all users. This file can be edited, and changes will be applied system wide. When launching MC in normal mode, this is the profile that will be used.

Use Default System Console Theme

Another choice is to use the default color scheme for your console or terminal. To use the default console color scheme, you will need to launch Midnight Commander with special options. An example is shown below.

$ mc -b

Tip: If the default system console color scheme is used, then background transparency is supported as well.

Custom Midnight Commander Color Schemes

Users are able to create their very own color profiles for the Midnight Commander file manager.

How Do You Create a Custom Color Scheme?

If you would like to edit the default color scheme and create your own unique profile, you can by editing the file seen below. Just look for the section marked [Colors]. You can then start customizing things to your hearts desire.


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