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Muon Software Suite Upgraded to Version 2.0

The Muon Software Suite is designed as a package management utility for Debian based distributions. This software suite is widely used by KDE, usually as the primary software management utility. With 2.0 being recently released, I wanted to review some of the important changes for us all to take advantage of.

Muon Software Center Screenshot

Muon Software Suite 2.0 Details

The Muon Software 2.0 comes with a variety of refinements that users will certainly enjoy.

LibQApt Updated

LibQApt was updated from 1.x to 2.0 for this release, this means massive changes on the back-end.

KnewStuff3 is Supported

The Muon Software Center, along with Muon Discover, will both support KnewStuff3. This will let users install Plasma plug-ins, widgets, and other goodies. When using the Software Center, you will notice additional software categories where these new items are found.

Aesthetic Improvements

The Discover tool offers an improved appearance that will work better with the KDE Plasma desktop.

Muon Discover Introduced

The release of Kubuntu 13.04 comes with the improved Muon Software suite 2.0. The new Discover tool puts an emphasis on simplicity, and quality software.

Muon Discover Screenshot

What is Muon Discover?

You can use Muon Discover as a hassle free way to find high quality software that you may never have heard of.

Muon 2.0 on Kubuntu 12.10

Kubuntu 12.10 users can upgrade to the newest version now if they prefer.

Muon 2.0 Repository

First you should add the repository which holds the Muon 2.0 software. This can be done with the commands below.

$ sudo add-apt-repository ppa:echidnaman/qapt

Update Your Sources

Next you can update your sources so your system will recognize the new packages.

$ sudo apt-get update

Upgrade Your Installed Packages

After that, you can upgrade your installed packages to their newest versions.

$ sudo apt-get upgrade

Install Muon Software Suite 2.0

Now you can install the 2.0, and the new Muon Discover with the following commands.

$ sudo apt-get install muon muon-discover

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