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Nemo File Manager Introduced for Cinnamon 1.6

The Nemo file manager is the latest Cinnamon desktop addition. Nemo has forked from Nautilus 3.4 due to dissatisfaction expressed about the Nautilus 3.6 release. This seems to have sparked enough motivation to prompt another major creation by the Cinnamon desktop project. I wanted to learn more about Nemo, so hopefully this will also help everyone that missed the release announcement.

Nemo File Manager Features

Nemo provides improved integration between the file manager and the Cinnamon desktop. The intention is to implement several missing features into Nemo as well, and eventually have Nemo stand tall among the greatest file managers available for the Linux desktop. The first distribution using Nemo is Linux Mint 14 Cinnamon desktop which has recently been upgraded to version 1.6.

Linux Mint 14 Nemo File Manager Screenshot

Nemo Configuration Options

The toolbar will now offer additional configuration options. Users may add buttons to the toolbar for zoom levels, or alternative viewing modes. All navigation options such as back, forward, up, and refresh are all available for Nemo.

Actions API

This is the key feature of Nemo that I wanted to note. Users are able to create their own menu actions. Unfortunately I could not find any more information on this topic.

More Features

Users are able to show or hide desktop icons. This feature was removed from Nautilus 3.6, but remains popular in all file managers. Nemo includes several built-in actions like Open in Terminal, or Open as Root. File progress details will be displayed in window titles when moving or copying files. The file manager layout has been optimized, and a traditional status bar is also included.

Nemo File Manager Summary

This is a very effective file manager that does not seem to have any obvious flaws. Rumors suggest that a file preview feature could be added soon. Nemo even offers GTK theme support which will improve as the project continues to develop.

About The Name

Rather than explaining the obvious name to everyone I simply wanted to note the change in naming trends. Linux Mint and the Cinnamon desktop have continued to use tasty treats and spices for project names in the past. We already have Mint and Cinnamon, Muffin is the window manager, so this time I guess we are eating Nemo!

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