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Nepomuk Cross-Application Data Indexer Revealed

Nepomuk is a database tool commonly used to index information for desktop applications. The Nepomuk file index tool can generally be found on Kubuntu and many distributions that use the KDE desktop.

Nepomuk Indexer Screenshot

How Does Nepomuk Work?

This tool gathers information from your system automatically when in use. This information can then be retrieved from the database and displayed in supported applications. For example, Nepomuk will save ratings from your music player, these ratings will then be synchronized and displayed in your file manager and other programs.

Improved Searches

After you have chosen which directories and files you would like Nepomuk to index, you will also notice faster and more accurate searches within many supported applications. If you search for a text string contained inside a file, the containing file will then be displayed in the results.

Indexing With Strigi

The Nepomuk semantic desktop uses the Strigi desktop file indexer to keep track of your data. After data is indexed it is then shared between applications.

Alternate Indexers

Nepomuk is simply the framework and can use other indexers to do different jobs. Indexers are available for images, audio files, video files, PDF files, and plain text files.

Nepomuk Backup Tool

Users can also create manual or automatic backups of their Nepomuk data. This will store all of your tags and ratings in a single file that can be restored later.

Automated Nepomuk Backup Frequency

Through the preferences you are able to toggle daily or weekly backups. A time of day for backups to occur can also be set. You can even set the number of backups that you wish to store.

Nepomuk Privacy and Security Concerns

Although some users do express privacy concerns about obscure applications like this one, there is really nothing to worry about.

Choose Indexed Directories

Users are able to choose which directories they would like to have indexed. By default private directories and configuration directories will be ignored.

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