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Puddletag The Best ID3 Tag Editor

After a long and agonising search for the greatest ID3 tag editor for my Linux System Puddletag takes the throne. This powerful ID3 tag editor is better than the rest for many reasons. This excellent program just fixed my entire library of over 10,000 ID3 tags in under 3 hours.

Puddletag Screenshot

Puddletag Info

Puddletag works with a highly customizable spreadsheet style interface allowing you to edit many ID3 tags at once. Many tag editors don’t work half as well for bulk operations.

More About Puddletag

The interface provides many preferences and customization options so you can create you own work environment.

Puddletag ID3 Converter Features

  • Puddletag uses python code and is said to work equally well under Mac OS X.
  • A Unique spreadsheet style interface that makes editing multiple tags at once very simple.
  • A highly customizable interface lets you create your own work environment and toggle different window panels.
  • Preview your album artwork with the artwork panel.

Puddletag ID3 Converter Menus

Though Puddletag has a large number of menus things are still fairly simple to navigate, and the menus are not very large. The menus are well-organized, many functions can also be completed using the toolbar to save time.


The File menu lets you open folders, or add folders to be edited, you can load or save playlists. You can also save the changes made to the current track or play the current track. If needed there are also options to delete a track, or delete without confirmation. And last you will find refresh to update any changes, a clear tracks option, and as always an exit option.


This menu provides a number of ways for you to interact with your files. You can undo your recent changes, or the current file’s extended tags and properties. Cut, copy and paste options are also available for text fields. You can also remove tags from the current file, you can switch directories, invert selection, select column, or select all. Move highlighted items up or down if you wish, and you can also change the Puddletag font size or see the other preferences.


From here you can manipulate your tags and files. First you can switch tags to filenames, or filenames to tags. You can even change the format used while naming. Directories can also be renamed, and you can retrieve tags from text files or the clipboard.


Here you can bring up the action dialog to customize macros that will automate much of the tagging process. A quick action option is also available. The functions option allows you to number tracks or do text case conversion.


The tools menu provides an auto-numbering wizard for your tracks. You can also import your music library, replace text, or change your directory sorting structure.

Preview Mode

You can enable or disable the preview mode which means changes will not get saved, unless you specify. If you make changes in preview mode, then clear the changes you can always undo your last clear. you can also set preview mode to write previews to disk if you prefer to do things that way. You can also clear the changes made to selected files, or selected cells.

Tag Tools

From this menu you can delete or remove many tag formats.


Allows you to toggle several different aspects of the main Puddletag window. For example, you can toggle the filter area, the tag panel, the artwork panel, the filesystem panel, the tag sources panel, the stored tags panel, the logs, the mass tagging area, or the functions and actions areas.


The help menu will display Puddletag version/author information.

Puddletag ID3 Converter Tag Sources

Tags can also be edited using web sources such as Amazon, Discogs, and FreeDB. To use this feature first toggle the tag sources panel from the window menu. Then select your online source, enter text if required, and finally press search. When finished, retrieve your matches, and press write.

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