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Rekonq 2 – 2.2 Major Features Highlighted

The Rekonq web browser just took a major step forward, delivering all the missing features you may have wanted, and a great deal more. Instead of letting you waste your time hunting for these great features, I have listed them for convenience, with screenshots.

Rekonq 2 – 2.2 Greatest Features

Rekonq now provides several popular features found in Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome. This web browser may be up for consideration as your new favorite.

Incognito Mode Introduced

Like other popular web browsers, Rekonq now offers incognito mode for private browsing sessions. Browsing activity is not recorded when using incognito mode.

Tab Pinning for Web Apps

Tab pinning is also becoming a very popular feature for web browsers. This will let users create mini-tabs for their commonly used websites, to keep them out of the way.

New Bookmarks Menu Included

Apparently there was a new bookmarks menu added inside the configuration menu. You can manage your bookmarks from this new menu, or using the Rekonq bookmark editor that is built-in.

Rekonq Web Browser 2.2 Screenshot

Closed Tabs Page is Back

Another nice feature that had been removed is now back. There is a special page that you can use to find thumbnails of pages that you have recently closed. It appears that this helpful feature is back for good due to high user demand.

Want to Try Rekonq?

Rekonq 2.0 was released in December 2012, and is now in the 2.2 phase with many exciting features that users may have missed. I was very impressed with this release, though I have not tested Rekonq for quite some time. This web browser is becoming extremely user-friendly, and it is loaded with top quality features. Rekonq has become a real contender.

Install Rekonq on Ubuntu

Users can install the latest version of the Rekonq web browser for KDE with the commands seen below. This should work on most Ubuntu-based Linux systems. I can assume that a variety of other utilities and packages will be installed to fulfil dependencies.

$ sudo apt-get install rekonq

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