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More Of The Best Linux Screenlets

Many users are already familiar with the advantages that Screenlets can offer, so I decided to seek out which ones were essential to the productivity and aesthetics of any desktop. Screenlets are small community created Python applications that can add style and functionality to your Linux desktop.

About Screenlets

Screenlets are easy to use, easy to create, and there are hundreds available to download. Here is a look at some of the default screenlets that you can try on your desktop.

Screenlets Screenshot


You can install this great application by using the following commands in your terminal.

$ sudo apt-get install screenlets

Default Screenlets

ACPIBattery – This will display the status of your battery.

Appmenu – A highly customizable applications menu that will sit on your desktop.

Brightness – Use this to control the brightness of your monitor.

Calc – A simple desktop calculator screenlet.

Calendar – Display a calendar on your desktop with this.

ClearCalendar – Another calendar screenlet.

ClearRSS – A mini RSS feed reader for your desktop.

ClearWeather – Display your local weather forecast and the current weather conditions.

Clock – This is a themeable clock plugin that also has an alarm clock built in.

CompositeToggler – This plugin allows you to enable compositing

Control – This screenlet is a simple control hub for the rest of your screenlets, you can use this to control how your widgets interact with other windows, or use this screenlet to launch other screenlets.

Convert – This screenlet will help you preform numerical conversions.

CopyStack – This screenlet can be used to see a history of your copy and paste actions.

DigiClock – Here is a simple digital clock for your desktop.

Diskusage – Use this screenlet to display your disk usage statistics.

EvolutionContacts – You can see your evolution contacts with this screenlet.

Example – This is used as an example screenlet for developers.

Feed Reader – Another mini RSS feed reder for your desktop.

Flower – A little growing plant for your desktop.

Gmail – Use this screenlet to watch Gmail for new incoming emails.

Launcher – With this you can launch applications or run commands.

MailCheck – Monitor your favorite email service for incoming mail with this screenlet.

MainMenu – Another very convenient menu screenlet for your desktop.

Meter – This is a simple CPU monitor for your desktop.

Mount – This will display attatched devices and allow you to mount them easily.

MyIP – Track your IP address with this screenlet.

Netmonitor – Use this to display your network traffic and totals.

Notes – A simple desktop notepad.

NowPlaying – This screenlet will display which track is currently playing.

Output – With this screenlet you can see the output of any Unix command.

Pager – An alternative workspace switcher for your desktop.

Picframe – You can drag and drop images into this picture frame to display them on your deskop.

Places – Use this to access your places bookmarks stated by your default file manager.

Radio – This is a convenient radio streaming screenlet.

Ring Sensors – Monitor different parts of your system with these stylish ring sensors.

Ruler – A simple ruler that you can move around the desktop to measure different things.

Search – You can use this to search all of the most popular search engines right from the desktop.

Sensors – Another set of unique system sensors for your desktop.

Sidebar – This is a sidebar dock for your screenlets that supports different themes.

Slideshow – Use this to display a slideshow on your desktop from a folder or your Flickr account.

Speech – You can use this screenlet to speak what you type.

Stocks – Watch changes to the stock market with this screenlet.

Storage – This is a simple drag and drop storage container.

Sysmonitor – Here is another system monitor for your desktop.

Tomboy – Use this to display your Tomboy notes.

Trash – This is a convenient trash can for your desktop.

Volume Control – Control your system volume from your desktop with this.

Wallpaper Clock – Download clocks that are integrated with your desktop wallpaper, this tool is designed to help you manage them.

Window List – Use this screenlet to navigate to open windows on your desktop.

Youtube – Watch Youtube videos without ever opening your browser with this great screenlet.

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