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Skrooge Financial Management Software for KDE

Use Skrooge to track your income, and your expenses. If you are an entrepreneur or a small business owner, you should not miss out. KDE provides a large variety of helpful software, no matter what you needs are. Here is a glimpse at some of the most exciting features for those of you that are curious.

Skrooge Financial Manager Screenshot

Skrooge Features

The feature filled Skrooge financial management tool comes with a very stylish interface.

Customizable Interface

The interface may appear complicated at first, but KDE makes every endeavor simplify things. The interface is partially customizable allowing users to dock and un-dock different parts of the main interface into their own floating windows.

Easy Account Management

Users are able to create multiple accounts using Skrooge. Each account represents a specific financial account, rather than a single user.

Scheduled Account Operations

Schedule account transfers or bill payments for specific dates and times. Skrooge will then update itself accordingly at the specified time.

Import and Export Data

Use the export feature to create a backup copy of your financial data. You can then import your backups at a later date and nothing will be lost.

Install Skrooge on Ubuntu Based Systems

If you want get your finances in order, Skrooge could be the perfect tool. Install this great tool with your default software manager, or directly from the command line.

Download Skrooge

How to Install Skrooge

Ubuntu users can install the Skrooge financial manager using the simple commands seen below.

$ sudo apt-get install skrooge

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