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Tilda Terminal Emulator

The Tilda drop-down style interface is known to resemble the Quake chat window. The interface remains hidden until needed and can be opened with a single bound key. When opened Tilda will display an undecorated pop-up window where you can access the powerful Linux command line.

Tilda Terminal Emulator Screenshot

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Tilda Terminal Emulator Installation

This terminal emulator is easy to install and very easy to use. Here are some installation tips that may help.

Download Tilda

Ubuntu Tilda Installation

You can install Tilda terminal emulator on your Ubuntu system by using the following commands today. Just think, it might be the last time you use your current terminal so be sure to say goodbye.

$ sudo apt-get install tilda

Install Tilda

Greatest Tilda Terminal Emulator Options

Some of my favorite settings for this terminal emulator can be seen below.

Tilda Interface Appearance Settings

Users are able to toggle the visibility of the Tilda scrollbars which really perfects the interface. You can choose all of your own colors or use the built in colors schemes that are provided. The Tilda window can be moved or resized at any time, and support for window transparency is also included.

Tilda Key-Bindings

The preferences window includes a tab where you can set all of your own key-bindings for common terminal actions. Don’t miss this excellent feature.

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