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Tint2 Panel Introduction

If you want a lightweight panel or task-bar for your desktop Tint2 might be perfect. Tint2 was originally created for OpenBox, but it can also be installed on most other popular desktop environments. This panel includes a system tray, a clock, and a simple workspace switcher for convenience. The Tint2 panel also offers fantastic transparency options when compared to other common panels and task-bars.

Tint2 Desktop Panel Screenshot

Linux Desktop Docks and Panels

Tint2 Panel Features

Tint2 has fantastic transparency capabilities. You can also move tasks from one workspace to another. An auto-hide feature is also available for your panels. Alternative themes are also available for users to try.

Tint2 Panel Installation

The Tint2 Panel can be installed on many different Linux distributions, just use the commands listed below which are meant for your distribution. You can install Tint2 on Ubuntu based systems with the commands below.

Tint2 PPA

$ sudo add-apt-repository ppa:killeroid/ppa

Update Packages

Next you will have to update your system.

$ sudo apt-get update

Install Tint2

Finally you can install this panel with the next command.

$ sudo apt-get install tint2

Tint2 Gentoo Installation

Use the following commands to install the Tint2 panel on any Gentoo based distribution.

$ emerge -av tint2

Tint2 Arch Linux Installation

With the next command you can install the Tint2 panel on any Arch Linux based distribution.

$ sudo pacman -S tint2

Tint2 Panel Tintwizard

The TintWizard is designed as a graphical user interface for configuration of the Tint2 panel appearance. The TintWizard will produce configuration files automatically for you to change the look of your panel. This tool may have been replaced by the Tin2Conf tool.

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