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Ubuntu 12.04 to 13.04 Default Wallpaper Comparison

The Ubuntu team has slipped their default wallpaper to the public a little bit too early this time. The last several wallpapers appear extremely similar, so I wanted to put them both side by side so we can all see the differences.

Ubuntu 13.04 Default Wallpaper

Here is the shocking wallpaper that you all expected for Ubuntu 13.04.

Ubuntu 13.04 Unity Desktop Screenshot

Ubuntu 13.04 Wallpaper Thoughts

This wallpaper has been inverted from the previous version. The colors have also been updated as you can see. Colors are now slightly brighter, maybe too bright.

Note: Be warned, 13.04 is not yet released and this wallpaper may still change.

Ubuntu 12.10 Wallpaper

Next lets take a look at the Ubuntu 12.10 wallpaper which can be seen below.

Ubuntu 12.10 Unity Desktop Screenshot

About This Background

This background still uses the same colors from 12.04 and provides a stylish upside down crescent moon arch effect.

Ubuntu 12.04 Wallpaper

The 12.04 background uses a unique cross hatching pattern and lighting effect.

Ubuntu 12.04 Unity Desktop Screenshot

My Favorite Wallpaper

This is the one background in the list that I do like. In my opinion each new background appears worse than the previous one. The evolution of wallpapers seems to reflect the current state of Ubuntu's degradation. But I think you should share your opinions!

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