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Ubuntu 13.04 Delivers Stylish Shutdown Dialogs

Ubuntu 13.04 users will see some tweaks made to the different shutdown, restart, and logout dialogs. The new dialog boxes will use the same look as the Unity desktop dash, and other Unity user-interface components. Now you can take a look at these latest features in action.

Ubuntu 13.04 Unity Desktop Screenshot

Ubuntu 13.04 Unity Shutdown Dialog Details

These new Ubuntu shutdown dialogs will conform to the Unity chameleon window colors. The Ubuntu Unity dash and many other dialog boxes offer a semi-transparent look, where the background can still be seen. Personally I will not be satisfied until all of my windows can look like that, including the background colors of a browser window. Wishful thinking, I know.

Restart Button Moved

The restart button is no longer located inside the session indicator menu. Instead you can find additional options inside the shutdown dialog.

Tip: To close the shutdown dialog box when you have made a mistake, you can simply use the Escape key, or select the desktop background with a left mouse click. Both actions will close the shutdown window immediately.

Shutdown From the HUD

Users can open the shutdown dialog directly from the Unity HUD. Type Shut Down inside the HUD search bar, and select the required action.

Using the Power Button

You can even use the power button on your PC or laptop to open a more advanced shutdown dialog. This dialog displays addition options including lock system, hibernate, restart, and shutdown.

Want to See More?

Ubuntu 13.04 has already announced and implemented several exciting improvements in their Beta releases. Would you like a brief preview of what the next 6 months has to offer? Links to these items will be posted very soon.

New Ubuntu Launcher Icons

A few primary Ubuntu icons inside the Unity dash were switched for alternatives. The new icons are coming from the My-humanity icon theme which can be found on

Other Changes

The Unity launcher can now be used to cycle through open windows for individual applications.

Ubuntu 13.04 Minor Unity Desktop Changes

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