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Ubuntu 13.04 Minor Unity Desktop Changes

Ubuntu 13.04 was released yesterday, but is 13.04 a hit, or miss? This release brings some major underlying changes to Ubuntu, though the Unity desktop is still nearly the same. First lets take a look at just what this release has to offer.

Ubuntu 13.04 Default Desktop Screenshot

Ubuntu 13.04 Unity Desktop Tweaks

A New window switching method was added for the release of 13.04, making this version even more user-friendly.

Unity Launcher Application Scrolling

Ubuntu 13.04 users can switch opened windows by scrolling on icons inside the Unity Launcher. This feature only works when a single application has multiple windows open.

Ubuntu 13.04 Unity Gets New Icons

Some of the less popular icons were replaced which should add some extra style to the growing Unity desktop.

Not All Icons Are Changing

Many of the old icons will remain the same, but some frequently used icons offer a new look. This includes the software center, software updater, and Nautilus icons.

Ubuntu 13.04 Shutdown Dialog Changes

No more dull shutdown windows for Ubuntu users, now you might shutdown just to see the new look.

Ubuntu 13.04 Default Desktop Screenshot

Cool New Look

Ubuntu 13.04 uses the Unity dash user interface appearance for shutdown dialogs. That means that the desktop background will still be visible.

Ubuntu 13.04 Delivers Stylish Shutdown Dialogs

Other News for Ubuntu 13.04

This was just a small look at some of the changes in 13.04, but there is a lot more to be seen.

Download Ubuntu 13.04

Winning Wallpapers Revealed

Want to take a look at the extra wallpapers offered with 13.04? If you are interested, we have provided a list with some of the best wallpapers, and several screenshots.

Ubuntu 13.04 Winning Wallpapers Revealed

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