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Ubuntu 13.04 Unity Desktop Privacy Settings

Ubuntu is taking further steps toward online integration, and it appears that these changes will continue. The last few Ubuntu releases left several users concerned about their privacy and security, but control is still in the hands of the user. Here, I will point out some of the privacy settings that will keep your data safe. 13.04 brought few significant changes for privacy settings, but more upgrades are expected for 13.10.

Ubuntu 13.04 Unity Desktop Screenshot

Ubuntu Activity Recording

Several helpful options are available to secure your information when using Ubuntu 13.04.

Want Your Desktop Activity Recorded?

Users can toggle activity recording on or off at any time from the privacy settings window. When switched off, applications and file changes will not get recorded.

What Should Be Recorded?

You can even control which data is recorded while your system is in use. Select which types of files or activities you would like to record. This includes instant messaging, websites, text, videos, images, and more. You can also toggle recording for individual applications and folders.

Available Privacy Settings for Ubuntu 13.04

The Ubuntu privacy settings window contains many related options that you might want to take advantage of.

Delete History Manually

At any time you can delete your recorded history manually from the recent items tab of the privacy settings window.

Forget Activities For Selected Time Period

You can delete your activities for only a selected time period if you wish. You can remove the last hour, day, week, or all of your recorded history.

Include Online Search Results

When this option is turned on, users will see Amazon listings in their dash search results.

Ubuntu Privacy Policy

If you would like to review the Ubuntu privacy policy, it is linked inside the diagnostic’s tab for your convenience.

Send Error Reports to Canonical

The pop-up error report messages may become annoying if you keep unresolved problems. You can disable this feature at any time if you desire.

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